How I Convinced My Wealthy, Older Man That I Wasn’t After His Money: Part 1

For one of our first ren­dezvous, my older, wealthy boyfriend—the Stet­son man—flew my friend and me to Canada. My boyfriend had busi­ness there with his attor­ney, and they would use that busi­ness as an excuse to spend the week­end with us. At this time, I was still very much mar­ried; how­ever, I was excited to get away for a week­end. I used my friend as my cover regard­ing my own hus­band, say­ing that she needed me. In the end, it didn’t require much lying for me to get out of the house.

I met my friend at the air­port in Canada. We had man­aged to book flights that had sim­i­lar arrival times. We were excited at the prospect of see­ing Canada in my boyfriend’s first-class way—for exam­ple, the Stet­son man had arranged for a lim­ou­sine to pick us up at the air­port. That limo dri­ver quickly became our friend; he was at our ser­vice for that entire weekend.

When we arrived at the hotel, we checked into our rooms. We all had our own rooms—including the Stet­son man and me—because I felt it was the safest way to travel; in the event that my hus­band phoned the hotel, I knew that his call would be trans­ferred only to my room. After fresh­en­ing up, my friend and I met in the bar where the Stet­son man was wait­ing for us.

The Stet­son man is very touchy feely and is a fan of PDA. And so when at last the attor­ney was fin­ished with his busi­ness and he came to join us, after a few short min­utes in our com­pany he advised us to get a room. He had never seen his boss behave in this man­ner. I think he was embar­rassed by the scene: here was this older man fondling this younger woman in a bar in broad day­light for the whole world to view. The truth is, I was also uncom­fort­able with these pub­lic dis­plays, but I would curb my embar­rass­ment by hav­ing how­ever many drinks it took. The Stet­son man had never before been with a woman who would allow this behav­ior in public.

The next day the attor­ney had busi­ness to tend to, so it was just my friend, the Stet­son man, and I who took the limo to beau­ti­ful Banff and Lake Louise. On the ride there and back, the Stet­son man had me spread out on one of the seats in the lim­ou­sine. I was fully clothed, but if he had got­ten his way I would have been naked. I remem­ber feel­ing bad for my friend because she was humil­i­ated by our overtly sex­ual dis­play. After a very short while, she found her way to the win­dow right beside the dri­ver, where she spent the rest of that drive. The dri­ver talked with her and edu­cated her on Canada, and I was grate­ful he was so friendly.

On the sec­ond night we were there, the Stet­son man and I spent some time alone in his room…

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