How I Dealt with My Sugar Daddy’s Wife After She Caught Me at Victoria’s Secret: Part 2

L’Wren Scott Found Dead

What I began to do was pull my car over, get out my pad and pen, and write down the tail­ing car’s infor­ma­tion. I would then call the Stet­son man and read him the num­bers. We had an inside con­nec­tion that would look up the reg­is­tra­tion. If the car was con­firmed to be reg­is­tered to the FBI and the dri­ver was idi­otic enough to sit through this show, I would walk up to the win­dow, tap on the glass, and ask him to roll it down. I would then ask if he would like my schedule—explaining that it would make it eas­ier to fol­low me and much safer for the other traf­fic. Once, in a par­tic­u­larly smart-ass mood, I asked for direc­tions to my des­ti­na­tion. It was not long before the FBI stopped com­ing to my neighborhood.

Team Wife, how­ever, was in for the dura­tion. They had not let up with leav­ing the nasty mes­sages on my voice mail. They con­tin­ued to fol­low me, usu­ally four or five of them in an SUV. I am sure they felt very impor­tant about being able to pro­vide his wife with the details of my life. The Stet­son man and I often took evening walks, with the SUV full of women fol­low­ing slowly behind us. We would hold hands, and every few steps I would be sure to lay a mas­sive kiss on him.

One week­end when his wife was out of town, we spent the night at his man­sion, in their bed. This wasn’t my first night in their home, but this week­end was dif­fer­ent. On this par­tic­u­lar occa­sion, I was my new empow­ered self. I wanted to be on the offense, and so I made myself at home in her extremely large bath­room. I placed a Victoria’s Secret red lip gloss on the floor next to the van­ity stool, as if it had inno­cently fallen out of my purse. I never said a word; I just waited. My thought was that the lip gloss would let her know I had been in her house—and in her bed. I was play­ing hardball.

Months later, after she had removed her life from his man­sion, the head house­keeper told me about the lip gloss fall­out. His wife had lined up the entire staff, inter­ro­gat­ing each one. She was on a mis­sion to find out if any of them had bro­ken the rules and used her facil­i­ties. When none of them con­fessed, she brought out the rogue lip gloss and informed the staff to be on guard for signs of the femme fatale. The house­keeper then showed me the lip gloss, which she had kept. The lip gloss she held before me was a cheap pur­ple lip gloss. It looked like it had come from a ninety-nine cent store. Had his wife kept my Victoria’s Secret gloss? Had she used it? Did she attempt to seduce her hus­band with one of my props? I have always been fas­ci­nated with what hap­pened to my Victoria’s Secret red lip gloss.

  • Mama24

    Maybe just maybe it was another bit on the sides pur­ple lipgloss.…ever think of that as a option???

  • Jayne Mans­field

    And Amanda-the idiots like this “woman” never stop to think about this. If he wasn’t faith­ful to his wife, the odds are, that he was mess­ing around on her.