How I Ended Up in Hawaii with an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 2

86506453Some­times I felt like this dou­ble life I was lead­ing was get­ting to be too much. On one hand, it was such a glam­orous lifestyle with my “prince.” On the other hand, I was still a wife and mother. Then again, I had got­ten the “dis­trac­tion” that I had wished for, so why was I complaining?

Sure enough, there was a new e-mail in my inbox thirty min­utes later. The flight had been booked for 9:00 a.m. on Fri­day March 1—first-class to Hawaii—returning on March 8.

I had exactly 10 days to plan for this vacation—10 days to con­jure up a story to tell my hus­band about why I would be gone for a week. I knew he wouldn’t sus­pect that I was going with another man, but I still had to make sure the excuse was some­thing really good, just in case. But deep down, I knew that he prob­a­bly wouldn’t even bother call­ing me while he was stay­ing at his mother’s place. He never really did in the past, so why would this time be any dif­fer­ent? Of course I would call to speak to the kids, and maybe to his mother, but other than that I fig­ured it would be rel­a­tively easy to dis­ap­pear for a week.

The days flew by and before I knew it, it was time to leave for my vaca­tion with my prince. My hus­band and the kids had left in the evening, so I was able to pack my suit­case and get ready for my trip in peace. I was excited and ner­vous all at the same time—I had never done this before.

The fol­low­ing morn­ing I was up at the crack of dawn. My best friend, Liz, had promised to keep an eye on the house. I told her I was going on a trip for a week to unwind and relax, but I didn’t tell her who I was going with.

When I arrived at the air­port, my prince was already there. We hugged and I imme­di­ately for­got about all of my appre­hen­sions regard­ing this trip. I felt like I was in another world, and I promised myself that this week would be all about me. I would for­get about every­thing at home and just “live in the moment.”

I had never trav­eled first class before, so this was all a new expe­ri­ence. As I got set­tled in my seat, the flight atten­dant came over and pre­sented me with a pink package…