How I Got Back at My Rich Older Man for Ditching Me to Spend the Night with Two Escorts

My older man, Mr. Brown, had just got­ten drunk and spent the evening with his part­ner and two escorts that his part­ner had brought along. He knew I was upset, but he had too much to drink, so I didn’t make a scene. Instead, I helped him get back to the hotel so that he could go to bed.

After I dropped Mr. Brown off, I just wanted to grab a bite to eat and spend some time with my daugh­ters. I also wanted to talk to them about how they felt about my rela­tion­ship with Mr. Brown, who also hap­pened to be my boss.

They could tell I was very upset about the sit­u­a­tion. My old­est daugh­ter looked at me and said, “I’m so hun­gry mom. Let’s just go get some­thing to eat and you can for­get about him for a while. Let him take a nap, and you can talk to him later.” My daugh­ters were not very old, but were obvi­ously very wise.

We were unfa­mil­iar with most of the restau­rants and shops in the area. I used the GPS in my car to find the clos­est place me and my girls could get a bite and unwind—it was Chuck E. Cheese’s. I knew they would have fun and feel com­fort­able to talk to me with­out feel­ing like I was forc­ing them to open up. We ordered a pizza and got some arcade tokens and, for the first time, I got a glimpse of what it was like to spend time as a mom with her two girls. I knew that I was cur­rently sin­gle, even though Mr. Brown and I had got­ten pretty seri­ous, and in that moment, I felt that maybe I could take care of the girls by myself.

We played a few games and when it was time for our food to come, we sat down. I looked at my cell phone, hop­ing that Mr. Brown had called, but he hadn’t. My old­est looked at me and asked if I was OK. I told her I was fine; I was just wait­ing to see if their grandma had called, even though she knew what I was really doing. I looked at them and asked how they were feel­ing since me and their dad had sep­a­rated, and the answer I got was a huge shock.

Both of my girls said that they were extremely happy that I found some­one who treated me well and took care of me, far bet­ter than their dad did. My youngest told me she would always love her dad, and he was a great father and provider for them, but that he did not treat me like I deserved to be treated. I started cry­ing as I was try­ing to eat my pizza, because I never wanted my girls to feel like I was putting them in a sit­u­a­tion that would make them uncom­fort­able or unhappy. That’s all I ever wanted, for myself and my girls to be taken care of and to be pro­vided for the best way pos­si­ble. I worked so hard and fur­thered my edu­ca­tion and career so that I would be able to take care of my kids on my own if I had to. I told my girls that I was happy that they approved of me and Mr. Brown’s relationship.

We ended up giv­ing each other huge hugs and kisses, and I told my kids that I would love them every day. We went back to play­ing skee-ball and other games before I finally got a text message—it was Mr. Brown telling me he wanted me to come back to the hotel ASAP. He was really sorry and he wanted to talk. I knew it was com­ing and I made sure to text him back and let him know that he owed me, BIG TIME!