How I Got Rid of My Sugar Daddy’s Wife, Once and For All: Part 2

I had some­how man­aged to get away with not telling Der­rick, my older man, about Josh, the younger man I was secretly hav­ing an affair with. When I had called Der­rick to update him on his wife’s threat­en­ing me, I con­ve­niently left out any men­tion of the pic­ture she had of me and Josh. And he didn’t really ask for too many details. He sim­ply demanded that he needed to be at the house when she showed up to con­front me at 5 o’clock.

Even though he had stood up for me in front of his wife, my attempts to save our rela­tion­ship were use­less. After Mrs. Fried­man left that day, Der­rick told me that he could no longer con­tinue see­ing me—one month before our two-and-a-half-year anniver­sary, my older man wanted to break up. He said that he needed time to repair his bro­ken mar­riage, and that although he had gone off on her to defend me, he real­ized that she was ulti­mately the per­son that he wanted to be with. I cried but never said a word. I just watched him walk away. Our rela­tion­ship had finally run its course.

I took my time slowly pack­ing my stuff and mak­ing arrange­ments to move back home. Every day I waited for the phone to ring, for Der­rick to call and tell me that my time was up and that I had to leave the house. The phone never rang. When two weeks passed with­out any word from him, I was even more con­fused. Was Der­rick expect­ing that I would vol­un­tar­ily leave? Did he think that I was already gone?

I was so com­fort­able in this house, which is why I chose to stay, but I was pre­pared to leave at a moment’s notice. I even­tu­ally real­ized that the bills were still get­ting paid, so I knew that Der­rick was aware that I was still in the house—so I just stayed.

When Der­rick first left me, I became really depressed, so much so that I com­pletely for­got about Josh. When he called or texted, I just didn’t reply. Even though I slept with another man, I still loved Der­rick with all my heart. I have always been a believer in the idea that if you truly loved a per­son once, you can never stop lov­ing them—the love may change form, but they will for­ever be in your heart.

Once upon a time, I was madly in love with this older man, and per­haps if he had never been mar­ried, and if he hadn’t treated me like his mis­tress, my heart would still be in its place. Every night I fell asleep with a pic­ture of us at our engage­ment party. I cried myself to sleep for weeks.  At the time, I never imag­ined that one day, he would come back for me.