How I Kept My Husband From Leaving Me After He Discovered My Secret Sugar Daddy: Part 2

dating_a_sugar_daddy_september11_13I stood up and put my hand on my husband’s face. “Robert, stop. No! No! I haven’t been hav­ing an affair.” Tears began to fall down my face. I was afraid he would leave me and that I would be alone. I knew that Der­rick would not leave his wife for me; I’ve always known that. We had tried being together once before, and it didn’t work out—it never would. I could not lose my hus­band. “Robert, you’ve been work­ing more hours try­ing to expand and I’ve been lonely. I’ve been work­ing more hours as well try­ing to keep my mind off of you, and I’ve been tak­ing the money I’ve made and been spend­ing it on myself. I just needed some­thing to do.”

And this?” he asked. He believed me. “What is this? Am I sup­posed to believe that you did this too?”  He grabbed the dress and threw it in my face again.

It’s the last thing he gave me,” I said quickly. “I couldn’t throw it away. It’s beau­ti­ful. I could never afford any­thing like this.” This was true and he knew it. While my hus­band made good money and we lived a fruit­ful life, he was very fru­gal when it came to spend­ing money. He did not give me free range on what I spent. He worked hard for his money and liked to invest—he didn’t believe in spend­ing thou­sands of dol­lars on mate­r­ial things. While he never told me that I couldn’t buy some­thing, I respected him and did not usu­ally spend an excess of money.

So, now I can’t pro­vide for you the life you wanted? You dated one of the rich­est men in the indus­try and you mar­ried me and now you’re unhappy and are cling­ing to this Givenchy dress as a dream of what I could never give you?” He walked out of the room and I chased after him. I stepped in front of him and held his face in my hands. I assured him that it was noth­ing like that and I told him that it was sim­ply a beau­ti­ful dress that I could not part with. I explained that I must have for­got­ten about the note and that if I would have known it was there, I would have thrown it out. And then I lied, again—I needed to make things seem real.

You know that bag, the one I always wear out?” He nod­ded and I con­tin­ued. “It’s a Her­mes bag. It’s worth a ridicu­lous amount of money. He also gave me that, on the same day he gave me this dress. They were too gor­geous to throw away. I only kept two things, and those were it. I never wore the dress because I never had an occa­sion and then when I met you, it just didn’t seem right. But the bag, it’s amaz­ing, and I couldn’t throw it out. So I still use it.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. I had noth­ing else to say. That was it. When I opened my eyes, I could tell he was OK. He grabbed my hand and led me back into the bed­room. He didn’t say a word. When we got to the bed­room, he pulled my wet hair back and took my slip off. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. He undressed and made love to me. When he was done, he turned towards to me.

I’m sorry. I keep tak­ing out my past on you and it’s not fair. You deserve so much more.” With those words, he held me close and, once again, my heart broke into a mil­lion pieces.

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    Hes a fool to keep this skank

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    I’m so glad you guys write these. Should be required read­ing for every suc­cess­ful man.