How I Know My Sugar Daddy Will Treat Me Better Than My Husband Ever Could: Part 1

My kids were so excited to plan for the beach trip with Mr. Brown, my boss-turned-lover. It was only April, and we still had May and June to get through before we left. The kids were telling me how cool they thought my boss was, and how excited they were to get away. But I real­ized that I had a prob­lem on my hands. Mr. Brown and I could be together with­out sneak­ing around behind his wife’s back, which was great, but I really didn’t know what to do with my soon-to-be ex-husband.

Our mar­riage was com­pletely dead and had been for a while, but we were still tech­ni­cally mar­ried. And even though he worked 50 to 60 hours a week, he still lived with us. When he spent time with the kids, it was always at “our” house. I had been talk­ing for a while about mov­ing out and get­ting an apart­ment of my own, but the mort­gage was in both of our names. I also didn’t have the heart to pack up and leave the only house and life that my kids knew.

Back at work on Mon­day, I decided to just focus on the beach and all of the excit­ing things to come—until I got a text mes­sage from my hus­band. He was remind­ing me that we had a meet­ing with our attor­ney sched­uled for tomor­row to dis­cuss cus­tody of the chil­dren and our out­stand­ing bills, includ­ing the mort­gage. We had to decide between two options: one of us could con­tinue to make the mort­gage pay­ments and stay there, or we could sell the house and both try to find some­where else to live.

For lunch, Mr. Brown decided that we should try the new Ital­ian restau­rant down the street, and I imme­di­ately ordered a glass of wine before our menus were even out. He could sense my ten­sion and asked what was going on. When I told him about the meet­ing with my hus­band and the divorce attor­ney tomor­row, he asked what I was wor­ried about. I told him that I wasn’t ready to just uproot my kids from their home, and that I was wor­ried about find­ing an apart­ment close to my work and their schools. Mr. Brown had always taken care of me as an employee, as far as salary was con­cerned, but I still didn’t have the money to sup­port myself and two children.

He told me that he was a lawyer and that we both worked for one of the largest firms in the world. He tried to assure me that I had noth­ing to worry about it, but it was easy for him to say. He was rich, and even if the firm closed tomor­row, he would be com­fort­able for quite some time. Unfor­tu­nately, what I had in sav­ings belonged to both my hus­band and I, and we would need to split every­thing 50/50, includ­ing bank accounts and assets, like the cars, not to men­tion try­ing to divide par­ent­ing time—the thought of it all was mak­ing me sick to my stomach.

I asked for the rest of my lunch to be packed up. As we walked back to the office, I tried to remind myself that I didn’t have to worry. I knew that Mr. Brown would take care of me and my kids—it was just that I didn’t want him to. I still wanted a lit­tle bit of inde­pen­dence. While I thought about my future, I had no idea that Mr. Brown had plans of his own brew­ing. My wish was about to come true in a big way…