How I Know My Sugar Daddy Will Treat Me Better Than My Husband Ever Could: Part 2

Tues­day at work seemed to drag incred­i­bly slowly. I took care of all my work around the office, but still had some time to kill. I popped my head into my boss/lover’s office. Mr. Brown was on the phone with a client, so he gave me the polite nod and smile. I knew he was too busy to talk right then, so I excused myself and went back to my desk.

In a lit­tle while, I would have to leave for my attorney’s office and I was absolutely dread­ing it—I really wasn’t in the mood to see my soon-to-be ex-husband. I peeked back into Mr. Brown’s office and he waved me in. I shut the door behind me and ran over to get a hug and kiss. I loved his lips—they were always so soft and lus­cious. He told me every­thing would be OK, and reminded me to check my e-mail before I left, as he was wait­ing for some impor­tant doc­u­ments to come in. I told him that I would call him later, kissed him again pas­sion­ately, and left his office.

As I was pack­ing up to leave, I opened up my e-mail and saw a mes­sage from Mr. Johansen, one of Mr. Brown’s biggest clients. Mr. Johansen’s e-mail said that he wanted to meet with me that after­noon around 4 o’clock, which was right after my meet­ing with the attor­ney, and he pro­vided an address. He said that I needed to pick up some papers from him for Mr. Brown, and that they would need to be signed right away. The e-mail came from Mr. Johansen’s per­sonal e-mail account, so it didn’t offer any other infor­ma­tion. I just assumed it was some legal paperwork.

Being with my hus­band at the lawyer’s office was just as dread­ful as I was expect­ing it to be. We could barely stand to look at each other while we waited for the meet­ing to start; even try­ing to make small talk about the chil­dren turned into a fight. I gave up try­ing to talk to him, and instead, started flip­ping through an old mag­a­zine to try and pass the time. When we were finally called in, I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t want to do this, but at least we could talk prop­erly in front of the attor­ney and get it over with.

We got all of the impor­tant stuff out of the way first. I would regain cus­tody of the kids and he would take them when he wasn’t working—usually only Sat­ur­day nights and Sun­days. He would pay child sup­port and we mutu­ally worked out a vis­i­ta­tion schedule.

Once that was set­tled, we moved on to the bills—the credit cards, cars, assets, and most impor­tantly, the house. He imme­di­ately stated that we should sell the house and pay off the loan, since that was really our only mutual asset. My car was mine, his truck was his. I was kind of shocked. I was hop­ing to stay there and raise the girls in “our” home. When I raised my objec­tions, the lawyer stated that I tech­ni­cally wouldn’t be able to afford the mort­gage with my other expenses, like cov­er­ing the cost of day care for the kids. I was heart­bro­ken, but I real­ized that she was prob­a­bly right. My hus­band said that his work had some hous­ing avail­able for higher-level employ­ees and that he would stay there until the house was sold. I didn’t want to stay in the house alone, but I fig­ured I had no other option at the time. Besides, it was bet­ter than hav­ing to live with him.

We fin­ished dis­cussing some other minor details and finally parted ways. I was so pre­oc­cu­pied with what just hap­pened that I almost for­got that I had to go meet Mr. Johansen to pick up the papers for Mr. Brown. Still in tears, I rushed out and headed towards the address in Mr. Johansen’s e-mail. At the time, I had no idea that the papers I was about pick up were going to change my life forever.

  • Robert Van Mierlo Jr

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