How I Know Sugar Daddies Give Better Dating Advice Than Best Friends: Part 1

I had just spent the most incred­i­ble night par­ty­ing with my friend Tori, the Greek God, and all of his ball player friends—we had din­ner, went danc­ing, and then took his pri­vate jet to a casino in the Caribbean.

The sun was up before we even left the Caribbean, and it was nearly noon by the time we landed in the Greek God’s city. He drove us back to our hotel—we all were tired and made small talk dur­ing the drive. He pulled into the long dri­ve­way that leads to the hotel door. He drove past valet and parked him­self so that he could open our doors for us. I stepped out, not sure what his next move would be, but I was pleas­antly sur­prised when he leaned in for a brief hug. I thanked him. I wasn’t sure what to expect next, but I knew this date was over. He had been a per­fect gen­tle­man; he had not kissed me, he hadn’t even held my hand. The Greek God was much more pol­ished than the Stet­son man.

The exu­ber­ant feel­ing of the night before was start­ing to wear off. I didn’t know if this man might just be out of my league. I really could not read him. The Stet­son man was easy to read when we first started dat­ing; I knew how to manip­u­late him through­out our rela­tion­ship. I didn’t think I could do the same with the Greek God.

Tori and I had planned to stay in town for an extra day to check out parts of the city, but we never ended up leav­ing our hotel room—instead, we slept in and then got up and dis­cussed the two men. We made a few com­par­isons, but other than both being older and wealthy, there was lit­tle else to com­pare. Finally, it was time to fly back home.

Nei­ther one of us knew what to make of the way the date ended. Would the Greek God call again? Did he want to see me? Had I done and said all the right things? My future was up in the air. I had not talked to the Stet­son man in seven days. I con­tin­u­ously checked my e-mails to see if he had maybe reached out that way. He had not sent a sin­gle e-mail either. I was get­ting ner­vous won­der­ing what he was thinking.

We flew home as sched­uled. I was now a total wreck. I didn’t know if the Stet­son man was mov­ing on from our rela­tion­ship and this was just his way of send­ing me the mes­sage. After all, I was not sure just who actu­ally accom­pa­nied him on this trip. Did he only take his nephew and his nephew’s wife? Had the bar­ber he cheated on me with gone along too?

On the plane ride home, I thought about the Greek God and our date. I thought about the Stet­son man and how I had given myself to him. I gave that man my life. I spent almost all of my time with him. I trav­eled nearly every­where he trav­eled. If he didn’t like a friend, I kept that friend­ship to myself. I didn’t see my fam­ily often, as his travel sched­ule didn’t allow us much of a life out­side of it.

I had not been home long enough to set my lug­gage down when my cell phone rang. It was the Greek God. He knew what my flight sched­ule was and he was call­ing to make sure I made it home safely. I was relieved to receive his call, but I was seri­ously start­ing to miss my Stet­son man…