How I Landed a Luxurious French Cruise From a Rich Man Who’s Old Enough to Be My Father: Part 1

There is some­thing inher­ently seduc­tive about going on a lux­ury cruise with an older man. Dur­ing our first win­ter together, my older man, Patrick, booked us on a French cruise. I loved brush­ing up on my French lan­guage skills.

As was his habit, Patrick arranged all of this with­out telling me. But, for some rea­son, it didn’t bother me. This was my first cruise and I felt sexy from the moment I stepped on that ship. Sex with Patrick was always good, but it was bet­ter than ever on this cruise. In fact, I think it was sort of a turn­ing point in our rela­tion­ship because I real­ized that if I just accepted his needs in bed, I came out of it a hap­pier woman—more expe­ri­enced, more sat­is­fied, and more con­fi­dent of my sex­ual prowess.

We had booked a late din­ner in the for­mal din­ing room and on the first night, we met a cou­ple who would even­tu­ally become life­long friends. We dined with them every night and then went to the lounge together to enjoy a show, music, or just to dance.

This was an expen­sive cruise and most of the peo­ple on it were 55 and older. I got a lot of looks from peo­ple when they saw me with Patrick. I could read their minds: “She is with her sugar daddy.” I recall see­ing only one other woman who appeared to be around my age—she was with her parents.

Every morn­ing, Patrick would walk me out to the bal­cony where peo­ple reclined and read their books in ele­gant chaise lounges. Cash­mere blan­kets were passed out by the stew­ards and every hour they would stroll by with a tray of cham­pagne. This was just at 10 o’clock in the morning.

This cruise was incred­i­ble, and I was hav­ing such a great time. Lit­tle did I know that Patrick had much, much more in store for me, and I couldn’t have been any more unpre­pared for it…