How I Landed a Luxurious French Cruise from a Rich Man Who’s Old Enough to Be My Father: Part 2

dating_a_sugar_daddy_september1_13One evening, Patrick took me to the casino and insisted I play the slots. I had never been to a casino before, but I knew there was some seri­ous money flow­ing there. Within five min­utes, I won $1,000.00. Patrick beamed; he was so proud of me. I used the money to buy pearl and dia­mond ear­rings for my mother. I was on cloud nine that night, filled with the fan­tasy of life on a cruise with an older man who adored me and couldn’t do enough for me. We made love every morn­ing, after­noon, and night. I was begin­ning to want it as much as he did.

One night after din­ner with our new friends, Patrick said that we had been invited to the captain’s quar­ters for a drink. He seemed almost secre­tive about it and I felt like he had a sur­prise in store for me. Did he ever.

We walked into a beau­ti­ful state­room, filled with flow­ers, dimly lit chan­de­liers, cham­pagne rest­ing on ice, and a for­mally dressed crew and cap­tain. It turns out that Patrick had arranged for us to be mar­ried at sea—our new friends were going to be our witnesses.

I was lit­er­ally speech­less. I truly didn’t want to embar­rass him, but I wasn’t about to have a mar­itime wed­ding on a cruise ship with a man old enough to be my father. I pre­tended like it was all just a prank, a silly joke, but our friends—who thought it was a ter­rific idea—kept telling me this was for real and that I was a very lucky woman to have a man who had arranged the most roman­tic and lav­ish sur­prise for me.

I finally had to just tell Patrick how I really felt. “No, I can’t do this,” I said. I told him that if I were to get mar­ried, I would want my own fam­ily present and that they would be crushed if I went ahead and got mar­ried this way—to a man they had never even met.

Need­less to say, the evening ended there.