How I Made a Rich Older Man Forget He Was Married: Part 2

How I Made a Rich Older Man Forget He Was MarriedWhat do you mean I’m dan­ger­ous?” I asked Der­rick, with a smirk. I could not con­tain myself and I burst out laughing.

Der­rick con­tin­ued to explain: “I promised my wife that this time around, I would be faith­ful. I even cut back on my hours at work and am spend­ing more time with her. You are a walk­ing temp­ta­tion. So yes, you’re dangerous.”

I smiled at the thought of this gor­geous, older rich man still yearn­ing for me. My body tin­gled as I rem­i­nisced about our nights together. While sex with my hus­band was great, there was some­thing about Der­rick that made sex mind-blowing. Per­haps it was the lust in my heart that made it bet­ter. Or per­haps it was the naugh­ti­ness of it all. I smirked and, some­how, Der­rick knew exactly what I was think­ing. He came closer and put his hand on my thigh. His hand slowly started mak­ing its way fur­ther up my thigh. My heart was rac­ing, but before he went too far, I pushed his hand away.

You said you were try­ing to stay faith­ful to your wife.” I licked my lips and pushed my chest out. The sex­ual ten­sion in the room was undeniable.

Nobody’s think­ing about my wife right now.” He pushed my hand away and con­tin­ued to work his way up my thigh. The higher up my leg he got, the more strength I used to push his hand away. While teas­ing him was excit­ing, I was still unsure that I wanted to take things to the next level—I wasn’t sure that I was ready to have an affair.

Finally, Der­rick gave up and moved his hand from my thigh. Instead, he went for my chest. He got close, but just before touch­ing me, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. It felt just like old times. The adren­a­line inside me was thrilling. His lips got close to my skin and I thought he was going to kiss me, until he pulled away and let go of my hair. “I can tease you too,” he said with a smile on his face. It took a minute for me to catch my breath, but when I did, I smiled and stood up.

It’s late. I should head home.” I started walk­ing towards the front door. When I turned back to face him, I looked down and noticed that Der­rick was just as excited as I was. “Let’s think about what we really want to do here. Call me the next time your wife is out of town and maybe the night can end dif­fer­ently.” I winked at him and left.