How I Made a Rich, Older Man Forget That He Was Married: Part 1

When I got to Derrick’s man­sion, I sat in the dri­ve­way for about 10 min­utes. It was strange being out­side of my old house—a home that, at one point, held many of my dreams. I spent many bliss­ful days here in the arms of Der­rick and had envi­sioned our future here. It was eerie walk­ing to the front door and ring­ing the door­bell to a home that I once lived in. Der­rick greeted me with open arms and held me for what seemed like hours. It’s amaz­ing how quickly old feel­ings can rush through your body, espe­cially in times of weak­ness. For the first few min­utes, we just held each other. Even­tu­ally he led me to the liv­ing room where he had been watch­ing TV.

As I made my way through the home to the liv­ing room, I noticed the house had changed since I lived there. The walls were painted dif­fer­ent col­ors, the kitchen had been com­pletely remod­eled, and the fur­ni­ture and home décor were all new. The walls were cov­ered with can­vases and frames hold­ing pic­tures of Der­rick and his wife. Most were from their younger days and you could really see the love in their young eyes. Imme­di­ately, I felt uncom­fort­able. I was lit­er­ally walk­ing into another woman’s home with not-so-noble intentions—I was ready to have an affair with this man. I felt guilty as I envi­sioned another woman in my home. If the roles were reversed and I found out that Robert, my hus­band, had another woman in our sacred home, I would be dev­as­tated beyond belief.

I sat across the room from Der­rick. He com­pli­mented me on how I looked and we sat for hours talk­ing about what had hap­pened since I moved out. He said that after dat­ing var­i­ous women, he real­ized that he loved his wife and rec­on­ciled with her. They remar­ried and were going to ther­apy to work on their prob­lems. He swore that he was try­ing to be a bet­ter man. I explained that I had mar­ried who I thought was the love of my life, and how now we were hav­ing mar­i­tal difficulties.

Every mar­riage has its prob­lems, Cassie. Look at me and my wife. Even through infi­delity, we have man­aged to make it through. If you really love him, you will find a way to make it work. Some­times you just have to be hon­est about your needs and you need to fig­ure out what’s right for you as a cou­ple.” He shrugged his shoul­ders and started to walk towards me. He sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me. “You are a very dan­ger­ous woman, Cassie.”

I knew exactly what he meant, but I couldn’t help but push him further…