How I Made a Rich Older Man Want to Give Me All His Money: Part 1

By the time Keith dropped me home, it was dusk. As we exchanged num­bers, I told him I was only inter­ested in his cell num­ber, as I wanted noth­ing that would cause me to have any encounter with his wife—I didn’t want his home or busi­ness num­ber and at no point should he ever call me from either. I didn’t know his wife, but I believed that she deserved that respect from me. I was fine with being his silent sugar baby. That night, as I lay down, I had many thoughts on what a bless­ing it was to meet him and how much of a change he would bring to my life.

Keith was on the island for two weeks; it was dur­ing that last week that I had met him. For the remain­ing week he was there, we spent every day together. He intro­duced me to a life I was not accus­tomed to. He took me to the beach, his friend’s villa, fancy restau­rants, and to cham­pagne par­ties to min­gle with CEOs and other side chicks. He just could not get enough of me and doted on me in front of them.

I had refused to kiss him and I refused for him to touch me, and he admired that. I wanted no level of inti­macy with him until I was sure what it was that he and I were going to have. I was not going to be a hol­i­day fling—if you give a man what he craves too early, he has no rea­son to stick around or respect you; he will think that as soon as he leaves you, the next man that comes around will get the same deal. When the end of his vaca­tion came, I was sad because it seemed my Pretty Woman moment was over.

Keith vis­ited me early that Sat­ur­day morn­ing as he was leav­ing, stum­bling down to where I lived. He hugged me and asked me to remain true to him, and that he would treat me like his princess. He handed me a bun­dle of money that would last me until he got back home to the U.K. and got set­tled in. He reas­sured me not to worry, as he would not for­get me.

I didn’t hear from him for about one week and I was begin­ning to get wor­ried. But he even­tu­ally called and told me he had been busy and was just get­ting back to his nor­mal rou­tine. The time dif­fer­ence was so annoy­ing, but after a month, I real­ized that his rou­tine was to get home, shower, eat, and call me. We would spend hours on the phone speak­ing about any­thing and every­thing. I was becom­ing his best friend and his shoul­der to lean on. He told me how his day went and I would give him details of mine. Many times we would both drift off to sleep until the phone went dead.

As time went by, I dis­cov­ered that he became jeal­ous and I would always have to reas­sure him that I was stay­ing true to him when he wasn’t around. I also found out that he was quite gen­er­ous, because the first time he sent me some money, it was more than I could have even imagined…