How I Made a Rich Older Man Want to Give Me All His Money: Part 2

My sugar daddy, Keith, was hold­ing up to his entire end of the bar­gain by mak­ing sure I was never with­out. I was never in need or want, and I was happy that I decided to leave with him that fate­ful day we met. He had fallen for me and I saw it in his actions and the way he spoke to me. He cared and it showed. I had started to fall in love with him. No mat­ter what I was doing, I wanted to make time for our phone calls. Those calls sus­tained me as much as they did him. It took us six months to see each other again and by then, we were both in love.

His age didn’t mat­ter, and though I would have wanted him taller, the fact that in his eyes I was his queen was all that mat­tered. He arrived that Decem­ber and I was elated. He brought me two suit­cases filled with clothes and shoes and I was extremely sur­prised that he had man­aged to get my size cor­rect. I had never had a man shop for me.

We made love that night for the first time. He was the third man I was going to be with and I was ner­vous. I was a lit­tle bushy below and he bravely took the reins and expertly shaved me. After­wards, we show­ered together before he went down on me. I have had oral sex before, but it was noth­ing com­pared to what he was doing. He was my first real orgasm and I was hooked.

He kissed every part of my body and ignited feel­ings I never knew I had. He stirred some­thing in me and showed me how plea­sur­able sex could be with the right person—it was an art and he cap­tured it per­fectly. I never knew I would be so hooked on sex with him, but for an older man, he seemed to have been bat­tery oper­ated and knew exactly what to do. He would go on and on, even after ejac­u­lat­ing. That night, we made love four times in a row and got very lit­tle sleep.

His vaca­tion was all about me, and he would call to let me know what he was doing at every move. He would sneak away for a few min­utes just to see me, and then sneak back. I had for­got­ten about the fact that he was mar­ried. His wife was never men­tioned and when we were together, she hardly called.

I had intro­duced him to my fam­ily and they all liked him. My mom loved the fact that he doted on me and she was happy that I was finally happy. Though she wasn’t pleased he was mar­ried, I was very stub­born and she knew that no mat­ter what, I would not have left him until I felt I wanted to or had to.