How I Made My Millionaire Boyfriend Want to Marry Me: Part 1

So, it began. My older man Marco flew out early Mon­day morn­ing and I started my new job as a strip club bar­tender that night. I trained four nights that week and made less than half of what the dancers admit­ted to mak­ing, but more than what I made work­ing full-time for two weeks at the gro­cery store. That was good enough for me, although between school, my work, and Marco’s travel, the house was empty and lonely. So, after some coax­ing, Marco and I got a dog, a big dog. He weighed more than me, but was great for me while Marco was away.

After the first month, I was mak­ing half of what Marco brought home, which impressed him. He started see­ing me as being equal and inde­pen­dent from him, and as I was pro­gress­ing in school, I began shop­ping for more business-appropriate attire, which he liked me to wear when we were out. He thought it less­ened the looks and ques­tions from strangers about our relationship.

After the sec­ond month, I was wear­ing much more reveal­ing cloth­ing, but still only bar­tend­ing. That month, I made as much as Marco did, but it was all cash. The clien­tele and girls were fun to talk to, they accepted my age-gap rela­tion­ship, and ques­tioned why I was even work­ing if he treated me so well. I started bank­ing my money and pay­ing more and more of my own expenses; I even pur­chased my own car out­right and began con­tribut­ing to the house­hold utilities.

Each month, Marco was con­sis­tently impressed with my earn­ings, even as we headed into the hol­i­days. This seemed to be a mea­sure­ment of equal­ity for him. He was impressed with my respon­si­bil­ity han­dling the cash, mak­ing my way into being an inde­pen­dent young woman who no longer needed him. It was at this time that he apol­o­gized to me. He said he was sorry for telling me I would never be the woman he desires, because stand­ing in front of him was a respectable young woman earn­ing her own way, mak­ing it through school, and man­ag­ing her life well. He was proud of me, and now he was ready for more.

Marc told me he wanted to marry me. I was shocked, but extremely happy, as it’s what I had wanted all along. The very next day we went ring shop­ping, I picked out a very unique inter­lock­ing ring set that was spe­cific to my taste in jew­elry. It wasn’t a very expen­sive set, maybe $7,000 total, so he bought it on the spot, although he didn’t actu­ally pro­pose until about a month later. And it was hardly the pro­posal every girl dreams of…