How I Turned a Romantic Dinner with My Husband Into a Naughty Meeting with My Older Lover: Part 1

Der­rick, my for­mer older lover, and I had planned our din­ner gath­er­ing very care­fully. He made reser­va­tions for both of us, pur­posely seated in dif­fer­ent areas of the restau­rant. Since Mrs. Frei­d­man knew who I was, we could not risk her see­ing me. My hus­band, Robert, and I were already at the restau­rant when Der­rick and his wife arrived. As soon as Der­rick walked in, I excused myself to the restroom. We met in the back of the restau­rant, hid­den from every­one. I gave him a big hug and we both laughed about the sit­u­a­tion we had just put our­selves in. We were tak­ing extreme mea­sures just to see each other.

Derrick’s eyes grew big as he looked me up and down. He grabbed my hand and walked me out the back door and to the side of the restau­rant. “I decided I want to be inside of you. I am will­ing to risk it all for you again, Cassie.” My heart skipped a beat and I felt weak in the knees. His words were exactly what I wanted to hear.

Just this one time or reg­u­larly?” I asked, gen­uinely inter­ested. I wanted him to say reg­u­larly, but I knew that that would be play­ing with fire, so I hoped he would say one time. “I want you to say one time. It’s safer,” I told him.

Then I’ll say noth­ing at all.” He pulled my head back and kissed me. The kiss felt famil­iar and the blood inside of me rushed through my body like a wild­fire. I could not con­tain myself. I wanted him then and there. We kissed with a pas­sion that words could never explain. It was as if our bod­ies were made for each other—it felt like we belonged together.

Let’s get back to our spouses,” I said as I rolled my eyes. “Let’s eat and then meet up before we leave again.” I wiped the lip­stick off his lips and could not help but smile. While there was guilt in my heart, it was deeply hid­den at the moment. I felt noth­ing but desire for Derrick.

We both walked back to our respec­tive tables and enjoyed our din­ner, I with my hus­band and Der­rick with his wife. I was not com­pletely present in my con­ver­sa­tion with Robert; I was too pre­oc­cu­pied think­ing about the events that had just tran­spired.  I ate faster than nor­mal just to try to get din­ner over with. I wanted to see Der­rick again, but I real­ized that it didn’t mat­ter. I could not see him until he was done with din­ner too. I was con­sumed with antic­i­pa­tion. As we waited for dessert, I excused myself again and walked toward the ladies’ room. I needed to make sure that my makeup still looked fresh—after all, I would be see­ing Der­rick momentarily.

When I stepped out of the restroom stall, my heart dropped. Stand­ing in front of the mir­ror fresh­en­ing up her makeup was Mrs. Frei­d­man, Derrick’s wife…