How I Turned a Romantic Dinner with My Husband into a Naughty Meeting with My Older Lover: Part 2

The last thing I expected tonight was to be stand­ing face-to-face with Derrick’s wife. This was the same woman who had made my life mis­er­able not too long ago. Mrs. Fried­man stopped halfway through putting on her lip­stick and just stared at me for a second.

Cas­san­dra, how lovely to see you, dear. What a small world.” Her tone was ego­tis­ti­cal. I felt like she was rub­bing it in my face that she ended up with Der­rick instead of me. I tried to play it cool and told her that I was really sorry to hear about her divorce. I needed to make sure she was clue­less about the fact that I was talk­ing to Der­rick again and that I knew every­thing. “Don’t be sorry,” she said. Then she smiled a venge­ful smile and said, “We have remar­ried. I guess the bet­ter woman won.” She laughed and started to walk away. I bit my tongue and stopped myself from say­ing any­thing. I sim­ply smiled and agreed.

A few moments later, Der­rick texted me say­ing that he would meet me in the back. I called my hus­band and told him that I wasn’t feel­ing very well and would be stay­ing in the restroom for a few more min­utes. Imme­di­ately, Robert called to make sure that I was OK. I assured him that I was fine and that I just needed a few min­utes to let my stom­ach settle.

I hus­tled to the back of the restau­rant, where Der­rick was stand­ing with a big smile on his face. Once more, I ran to him and hugged him. I felt like a young school­girl who was in love for the first time. He wrapped his arms around me and moved his hands down my back and over my butt. He grabbed a hand­ful and whis­pered in my ear like before. With one hand on my back­side, he kissed me and bit my lip. I was lit­er­ally melt­ing in his arms. I caressed his face and gazed into his eyes. Just as I was about to kiss him again, my phone inter­rupted us. It was my hus­band call­ing. I’m sure he was con­cerned about how I was feel­ing and I didn’t want to risk him com­ing to look for me. I told Der­rick that I would con­tact him later and started to walk back to my hus­band. As I started to walk away, Der­rick slapped me gen­tly on my butt—I felt sexy and young again.

Min­utes later, Mrs. Fried­man and Der­rick walked past our table as we ate our dessert. Derrick’s eyes let me know that it was her idea to pass us and I could tell that he was upset. The look on her face was price­less. She walked past me with a big smile, as if she had just won the jack­pot.  She winked at me as she passed and said, “You have a fan­tas­tic night, Cas­san­dra.” I nod­ded my head and smiled back at her. If only she knew what her hus­band and I had been up to.

Who’s that?” asked Robert.

Oh, no one, just an old acquain­tance.” I brushed it off and we con­tin­ued eating.