How I Used a Rich Older Man to Help Me Get Over Being Dumped: Part 2

high_end_dating_august15_13Patrick was leav­ing for Hawaii a week before me, so, the night before he left, we had din­ner in a Mex­i­can restau­rant where he had arranged for me to be ser­e­naded. He handed me my first-class ticket, along with cab fare to get to the air­port. I knew I was begin­ning to feel a bit uncom­fort­able about the whole sit­u­a­tion and I’m sure he sensed it. After all, he had this strange abil­ity to sense every­thing in me.

Patrick assured me that even though we had plans to travel together, it wouldn’t change any­thing. He promised me that while we were in Hawaii, I would have my own bed­room and he would respect my pri­vacy and wishes. He was always true to form in his gal­lantry and almost old-world, gen­tle­manly ways.

When I arrived in Hawaii, Patrick met me at the air­port with a bou­quet of flow­ers, a lei, and a glass of cham­pagne. We spent a week doing what­ever we felt like: beaches, snor­kel­ing, win­ing and din­ing, and shop­ping. He couldn’t pass a jew­elry store with­out ask­ing if he could buy me a “trin­ket.” I stead­fastly refused—honestly, I didn’t want to take advan­tage of his money because I expected that the blush of his infat­u­a­tion with me would even­tu­ally fade.

Every morn­ing, I would get up and go run­ning and he would watch me from the bal­cony. He would still be stand­ing there when I returned 45 min­utes later. There was always a fresh fruit plate and cof­fee wait­ing for me when I got back to my room.

From the begin­ning, I knew that sex was on his mind. It really wasn’t on mine. I was curi­ous though, since every­thing he did was done with such flair, sophis­ti­ca­tion, and an earnest­ness to make me happy. Would it be the same way in bed?

It hap­pened the third night. I should say third after­noon. Need­less to say, it was noth­ing like I expected. I actu­ally felt quite inex­pe­ri­enced and inad­e­quate next to his obvi­ous expe­ri­ence, but he couldn’t get enough of me, in all ways. And it was the best sex I had ever had in my life.