How I Used My Husband to Solve My Big Sugar Daddy Dilemma

When I opened the door to my house, I saw a path of rose petals on the floor. The room was dim and as I fol­lowed the path of roses, I could smell the can­dles. My heart was still not in the moment as I had not yet decided what to do. I was dread­ing hav­ing sex with my hus­band now that I knew I was preg­nant, espe­cially since I didn’t know if the baby was his or my older lover, Derrick’s. It seemed unnat­ural to have sex with him know­ing that I was car­ry­ing a life that likely was not my husband’s. What­ever my choice was, I had to make it fast. I was glad to see that the rose path did not lead to the bed­room. It veered into the kitchen, where Robert was sit­ting. The table was set and din­ner was served.

Thank you. What a beau­ti­ful sur­prise!” I grabbed the glass of water next to the wine and took a sip.

Well, that’s a first. You chose water over wine,” he said, smirk­ing. “Is there some­thing you want to tell me?”

I gig­gled and told him that I was sim­ply not in the mood to drink. He looked at me quizzi­cally, but as we began to eat, any sus­pi­cion he had dis­si­pated. We ate the chicken marsala and pilaf he made. It was quite deli­cious, but the con­ver­sa­tion was lack­ing. I sim­ply was not in the mood to talk. Finally, I decided I needed to probe into the sit­u­a­tion in order to make my move.

Are you sure you want kids, Robbie?”

Of course I do,” he answered with­out hes­i­ta­tion. “Why would you ask such a question?”

I’m just won­der­ing. After every­thing that has hap­pened between us, some­times I won­der if it’s the right thing. Plus, isn’t it weird that you have a child out there? Did she really buy you with her money?” I had wanted to ask that ques­tion ever since I heard the news that he fathered an ille­git­i­mate child with my lover’s ex-wife, but I knew that at the moment, it was inappropriate.

I wasn’t left with a choice,” Robert said. “I could have taken a pater­nity test and showed it to him and fought for some­thing that really isn’t mine. I know she’s mine, but she’s not really. The only per­son it would hurt the most is the per­son I want to hurt the least. He really shouldn’t know, and what good would it do lit­tle Leslie to know? It was a stu­pid mis­take that shouldn’t have hap­pened. Her hus­band would prob­a­bly leave her and then my daugh­ter would suf­fer. I don’t know any man who could live with that lie.”

Could you do that?” I asked, hop­ing to get an answer to my problem.

If I found out that you had a child and that it wasn’t mine, I would be crushed. I don’t even know what I would do. To think that you are madly in love with your son/daughter and then know that it was all a lie would be too heart­break­ing. I don’t think I could for­give you and I don’t think I could raise the child anymore.”

Some­times things are com­pli­cated,” I retorted. “You would think after all these years you would under­stand. It wouldn’t be the child’s fault so much as the mom’s. Why make the child suffer?”

He sighed and shook his head. “It’s ironic and I’m being self­ish, but I couldn’t do it. You know one day the child is going to find out. Some­how, some­way the truth always comes out. I just hope when the day comes, my daugh­ter is able to find it in her heart to for­give me. The hard­est part is that I know I will die with regret in my heart.”

With those words knew what I had to do.

  • Melanie

    I hope she chooses her husband.