How I Used My Strange Addiction to Get Out of My “Arrangement” with a Rich Older Man

Vic­tor and I con­tin­ued our secret affair for nearly two months while I still worked and went to school. My grades were up, I was mak­ing good money, and things with my live-in sugar daddy, Marco, were at the “it is what it is” stage. We stopped going out as much as a cou­ple, but he still enjoyed buy­ing me nice lit­tle gifts and send­ing me on small shop­ping sprees—I cer­tainly wasn’t going to turn them down.

Vic­tor and I exchanged text mes­sages daily. We would only really see each other when Marco was out of town for work, or at least that’s how it started out. Every time we were together, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. It never failed that within five min­utes or less, we would both be naked and sweaty, and I loved every sec­ond of it. In com­par­i­son, sex with Marco was cold, mechan­i­cal, and trans­ac­tional. I was dis­il­lu­sioned, thanks to Victor.

As time went on, Vic­tor and I became almost addicted to the love­mak­ing. We were head over heels in lust as we fell into bed hap­pily together. I began sneak­ing out to see Vic­tor as soon as Marco would leave the house for work, regard­less of him being in town or not. He never sus­pected any­thing, until one day when he had for­got­ten some­thing and came back to the house to find me gone. Not know­ing where I went, he tried to con­tact me, but I was busy enjoy­ing Victor’s six-pack abs and toned body.

When Marco couldn’t find me, he started look­ing around. He would find small tokens, such as a hand-blown glass trin­ket from Vic­tor with a note that said, “I crave you.” He logged onto his phone account and down­loaded records of my cell phone activ­ity; after all, he was pay­ing for my cell phone. Marco quickly real­ized how much and how often I was mak­ing con­tact with the same num­ber over and over again, and he was furi­ous, to say the least.

Marco invested his time, energy, and money into me. All he asked in return was that I do well in school and main­tain my fidelity to him. Well, I quite obvi­ously was being unfaith­ful and wasn’t try­ing to hide it. He imme­di­ately called Victor’s cell phone, but he didn’t answer because he was busy get­ting all hot and sweaty with me. Marco called my phone, no answer. So, he did what he thought was right. He went back to work.

Marco went back to the office and pre­tended like noth­ing was wrong. He came home from work that evening and con­tin­ued to pre­tend like noth­ing was wrong. I was headed out the door for work just as he was get­ting home; he smiled and kissed me gen­tly on the cheek before hold­ing my face in his hand for a moment and look­ing unusu­ally deeply into my eyes. “Yes?” I asked some­what hesitantly.

Oh, noth­ing, I’m just look­ing at you. How are you? We haven’t had a chance to talk or con­nect in a while. What have you been up to?” he asked, almost egging me on. At that point, I knew that he knew about my affair with Vic­tor. He had moved the bracelet Vic­tor had given me from where I had hid it, so I knew he had seen it. But I was too afraid to actu­ally say it to his face.

I’m headed to work—” I started to say as Marco cut me off with a com­pletely dark tone and expres­sion before fir­ing ques­tions at me rapidly.

Sorry, I should have asked who have you been f*cking lately, my dear? Does he treat you well? Is he big­ger than I am? Does he please you bet­ter than I do? Does he take care of your every need the way that I have? Was it worth risk­ing every­thing you have for a fling?”

Here it is, finally, I thought to myself—I was ter­ri­fied. I smiled at Marco and said, “I’ve enjoyed every sin­gle dirty thing he could do to me, because he makes me feel alive and I have never felt that way with you. And the best part is that he doesn’t have to pay me for it.”

That final sen­tence out of my mouth that day cut like a knife. This was the end of our arrange­ment. I sealed it with a kiss on the cheek and walked out the door as Marco stood there com­pletely dumb­founded, not know­ing what to say. He had just lost con­trol over the one per­son he invested an absorbent amount of time, effort, and money into, but he hadn’t quite expected it to end like this.