How I Used My Sugar Baby Skills to Party with the Rich and Famous

The night at the Greek God’s party seemed so mag­i­cal to me. I had my best friend in the world, Tori, at my side, and the most gor­geous older man I’d ever seen in my life stand­ing there smil­ing at us—if this was a dream, then I didn’t want to be woken up. The Greek God escorted us to our seats beside him. As I looked along the long table, the servers were bring­ing trays and trays of food to the table. Drinks and food just kept com­ing. You could tell that this man was clearly in charge of his world just by the way he was order­ing dishes and answer­ing ques­tions with such author­ity. He explained to us that this was a lit­tle pri­vate cel­e­bra­tion for sev­eral of his ball play­ers’ birth­days. “It’s rare that I get this sort of time to be directly with the play­ers, but I intend to show every­one a great time tonight. You girls up for an all-night party?” he asked. “Of course we are,” Tori said, and so quickly that I didn’t have time to do any­thing but smile.

As the evening wore on with laugh­ter and con­ver­sa­tion, the Greek God asked us if we would like to go danc­ing. Tori looked at me and nod­ded in agree­ment. He said, “Wait out front and I’ll get my car.” So, we stood there wait­ing as I noticed a black Mer­cedes May­bach pull up and park right in front of us. The driver’s door opened and there was the man that wanted me to go danc­ing with him. “How do you like my lit­tle ride?”

I rolled my eyes and laughed as Tori elbowed me. He opened the door for us and explained that we would be going to one of the hottest, and most pri­vate, night­clubs in town. Only the most elite peo­ple were allowed to enter. Many of the play­ers and their girl­friends arrived before us and we were cheered as we entered the room. I couldn’t help think­ing about how much I’d been missing—I could have been out hav­ing a good time instead of suf­fer­ing at home with the Stet­son man. He may be going down the Rhine River right now, but I was on the arm of a Greek God.

The two-story build­ing had a colo­nial feel because of the large columns. The band was play­ing a slow song and the Greek God escorted me to the dance floor. We began to dance the night away and I was enjoy­ing the atten­tion of this new sugar daddy. Tori was enjoy­ing her­self too, as she danced with one of the hand­some ball players.

After about an hour or so of danc­ing, the Greek God asked me if I liked to gam­ble, to which I replied, “Absolutely!” He smiled and motioned to sev­eral of the play­ers. After a brief con­ver­sa­tion out of my earshot, he pulled his cell phone out of his coat jacket. I could over­hear him telling some­one to get the plane ready. It was clear he was on a mis­sion to make sure every­one had a great night. We got in the Mer­cedes and drove straight to the air­port. He pulled the car up to the plane and smiled. This was not just a lit­tle plane, it was a top-of-the-line Gulf­stream jet—this man trav­eled in style.

When we entered the jet, some of the same men and women I met ear­lier in the night were already seated through­out the plane. This was going to be quite the trip.