How I Used My Sugar Daddy to Lead Me to an Even Richer Older Man

It was obvi­ous to my infa­mous ball player, who hap­pened to be one of my ex-lovers, that what we had was long gone now. So, he sug­gested I phone the Greek God. I was ter­ri­fied at the thought of phon­ing this man who didn’t know me and might not even remem­ber me. I thought to myself, he is mar­ried, what good is that going to do for me? How­ever, after sev­eral more drinks, I decided that I would indeed call him.

Nat­u­rally, I slipped out­side where it was qui­eter to make the call. I was unbe­liev­ably ner­vous. Before dial­ing, I prac­ticed what I would say a few times. Then, I finally dialed the num­ber. The phone rang a cou­ple times and then went to voice­mail. I left a mes­sage say­ing that I had met him at the auc­tion and that he had instructed me to call. I quickly left my num­ber and hung up. I didn’t real­ize how fast I was speak­ing, but I was proud of myself for calling.

The ball player had given me the courage I needed to really start my revenge on the Stet­son man. I waited a few days and there was no call from the Greek God. I lit­er­ally watched the phone the same way I had watched my e-mail after first meet­ing the Stet­son man. The feel­ing of rejec­tion soft­ened me up to the Stet­son man and I finally went home to him. Things seemed a bit dif­fer­ent now. He was not mon­i­tor­ing my every move, which, I guess, would be hard to do if you are jug­gling two women.

One after­noon, I was out run­ning errands when my cell phone rang. My heart skipped a beat—it was the Greek God. I tried to sound light and cheery as I answered the call. He imme­di­ately went into how fast I left my num­ber and how it took him many times of replay­ing my voice­mail to get the cor­rect num­ber. Then, he told me how he would call a num­ber to see if that was indeed what he thought I said—that’s why it took him so long to finally get in touch. I laughed, but was embar­rassed that I had spo­ken so fast. How­ever, I was very impressed that he went through all of that trou­ble just for me. We made small talk for some time. We chat­ted about the weather, cur­rent events, movies, every­thing but what he did for a liv­ing and who I was with the night he saw me for the first time. I was relieved actually.

I hung up the phone think­ing this might be enough revenge. Maybe I don’t need more than this. I stayed at the man­sion with the Stet­son man for the next few days. We fell back into our rou­tine of being together pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I was stay­ing close to try and keep the bar­ber away. Soon enough, the Stet­son man and I were back on the road trav­el­ing the world. I seri­ously thought the Greek God was a fleet­ing moment.