How Lindsay Lohan Is Risking It All for a Rich Older Man

Sugar Baby Lindsay Lohan Is Risking for Rich Older ManLind­say Lohan seems to be on the straight and nar­row path to a clean recov­ery since leav­ing rehab, but she’s walk­ing dan­ger­ously close to the edge. Ear­lier this week, the 27-year-old actress was spot­ted leav­ing New York’s The Dream Hotel around 1 o’clock in the morn­ing with none other than Vikram Chat­wal, her for­mer sugar daddy. Chat­wal, 41, has played a big role in Lohan’s dark, drug-filled past—he’s been arrested and admit­ted to rehab on sev­eral occa­sions for his drug addic­tion. The Dream Hotel also hap­pens to be where Lohan was arrested last year for a hit and run.

This isn’t the first time Lohan has been hang­ing out with her old sugar daddy since com­ing out of rehab—the celebrity cou­ple was seen out shop­ping together in August 2013. Lohan is report­edly ignor­ing her friends and family’s warn­ings to stay away from Chat­wal because she actu­ally believes that they can sup­port each other, since they’re both recov­er­ing addicts.

Inter­est­ingly, just a cou­ple days before Chat­wal was par­ty­ing with his famous sugar baby, he revealed that he had bro­ken off his engage­ment to Span­ish model Esther Cañadas—he pro­posed to her less than a month ago. The infa­mous sugar daddy con­firmed that they were no longer dat­ing and that the breakup was mutual, but no rea­son was cited for the split. Talk about impec­ca­ble timing.

What do you think: Will Lind­say Lohan’s sugar daddy bring her down?


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