How My Best Friend Set Me Up For My First Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationship

The hol­i­day sea­son was soon com­ing to a close, and with that, so was my sea­sonal posi­tion at a retail store in the mall. As my first job and first step in get­ting over my sum­mer heart­break, I was ready to go back to school. With one week before Jan­u­ary, my enroll­ment appoint­ment was fast approach­ing, and soon I would be able to go back and fin­ish the spring semes­ter of my fresh­man year in col­lege. But before I went back to school, I needed to make sure that I had my best friend back. How was I sup­posed to go through col­lege with­out hav­ing Melinda there right beside me?

Melinda and I were both 19 years old and entered school together as fresh­men the year before. Now I was barely fin­ish­ing my fresh­man year and she was enter­ing her sec­ond semes­ter of her sopho­more year. Grad­u­at­ing together went out the win­dow, and again I was faced with the con­se­quence of hav­ing my “time off.” To say that Melinda and I were as close as sis­ters was an under­state­ment. We both grew up together and saw each other at every birth­day and hol­i­day. That last Christ­mas was the first time ever that we didn’t see each other and it was the one time in my life that I really needed a shoul­der to cry on.

Had Melinda met my sleazy ex, Jared, she would’ve seen right through him and warned me that he was a waste of time. I guess in a way it was a good thing that she didn’t, because at that time, I saw Jared as the biggest mis­take I had ever made and the last thing I wanted was for my best friend to see me at the most depress­ing and pathetic moment of my life. But I had moved on and was ready to have my right-hand woman back. So, I swal­lowed my pride and sent her a text mes­sage to ask how she was doing.

Melinda and I had planned to go to school together, grad­u­ate together,and even go on dou­ble dates together. We were each other’s most impor­tant con­fi­dante. Noth­ing that we did would go unmen­tioned and now I had expe­ri­enced a life’s les­son in rela­tion­ships and she was com­pletely clue­less about it. I cried think­ing about how I pos­si­bly ruined our friend­ship with my self­ish decision—she was pretty angry when I left school and ded­i­cated all my time to Jared. I just hoped that it wasn’t as bad as I felt it was.

In a mat­ter of weeks, I was able to vent to Melinda all about Jared. From the moment that we met, the embar­rass­ing details of how I lost my vir­gin­ity and the pub­lic humil­i­a­tion I faced with his friends when he refused to acknowl­edge me as any­thing more than a friend. Melinda was speech­less; I wasn’t the same girl that I used to be. My pride was still intact, but my lack of con­fi­dence and low self-esteem showed how bro­ken up I was about my failed rela­tion­ship with Jared. I had been, at one point in time, a hope­less roman­tic where true love was wait­ing for us at every cor­ner. Now I was noth­ing but a bit­ter scorned woman with noth­ing but the lowli­est opin­ion of men.

I finally enrolled as a full-time stu­dent. With a heavy col­lege load, I couldn’t afford to have any­thing dis­tract me. But my lack of money to spend on things like shop­ping and pam­per­ing myself really started to bother me, and so I was back on the job hunt. Since my retail job was only sea­sonal, I needed to look for some­thing that was a lit­tle bit more sta­ble and reli­able as a source of income.

While I was out explor­ing my options in life, my best friend was get­ting her life together. Melinda was bal­anc­ing both a school life and a work life. As a recep­tion­ist for a local office, Melinda was get­ting paid pretty well for a part-time col­lege stu­dent. Feel­ing a lit­tle envi­ous, I expressed myself to her and that was when Melinda told me of another office she knew that was look­ing for a secretary.

It was as if God him­self handed me the oppor­tu­nity. The office that Melinda worked at was owned by a big-time multi-billion dol­lar cor­po­ra­tion; there­fore it owned many dif­fer­ent loca­tions. This meant that both the office that Melinda worked at and the one that was hir­ing were part of the same afore­men­tioned com­pany. As a result, I was hired on the basis of hav­ing a present employee rec­om­men­da­tion. In the span of two weeks, I had gone from broke and unem­ployed to the part-time sec­re­tary of a respectable office.

Every­thing was falling into place. Now all I was miss­ing was the per­fect man, but even those shoes would be filled, and all thanks to Melinda and this new job.