How My Husband Got His Revenge After I Cheated on Him with a Rich Older Man

For the first time in all the years I had an affair, I was gen­uinely dis­traught and heart­bro­ken by my actions. I wanted noth­ing more than a nor­mal mar­riage. I wanted to start a fam­ily with my hus­band, and the fact that I broke and had sex with my lover was over­whelm­ing. I thought I was finally ready to move for­ward, but some­thing about Derrick’s touch always pushed me ten steps back. Every time I made progress, there was an inci­dent that destroyed my progress. To make mat­ters worse, when my hus­band came home, he had news that turned my life upside down.

Min­utes after arriv­ing from his busi­ness trip, he said that we needed to talk. He motioned me towards the din­ner table and I imme­di­ately knew it could not be good news. I ran through all my mis­takes and won­dered if I had been caught. As my mind spi­raled out of con­trol, he began to talk. But in my daze, I could barely com­pre­hend his words. It was all too much.

Robert explained that he hired a pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor many years ago. He said after the inci­dent at the restau­rant where he found out I slept with Der­rick while he was still mar­ried, he had to see if I was unfaith­ful to him. He said he felt deep in his heart that some­thing was wrong and that he wanted to make sure I wasn’t cheat­ing. Robert pulled out a folder full of pic­tures. Most of them were of me and Der­rick at din­ner, or on one of our many out­ings. A few were of us at his house.  But the worst were of us kiss­ing, and a few of us naked and in action.

My hus­band explained how he could not stom­ach los­ing me. He said that at that time in our mar­riage, he decided it was best for him to stay. But as time passed, he began to resent me, espe­cially as I started to pull back from him. He said that every time I left the house to go out, he knew that I was going out with Der­rick and that it killed him. He turned to alco­hol and even­tu­ally began to get vio­lent with me. The affair was slowly killing him. The first day he put his hands on me was the day he received proof that I was hav­ing sex with Der­rick. Stay­ing was his only option. He loved me too much to leave. And while many times he pur­posely tried to push me away, he could not stand the thought of being with­out me.

I tried hard to win you back, Cas­san­dra, but you stopped lov­ing me.” Tears began to fall down his face. “I know it was partly my fault because I got abu­sive, but I didn’t know how else to react. Every night you came home, I knew you were with him. I was so angry. I tried to make you fall in love, but you were done. From the start I knew some­thing was wrong. You didn’t look at me the way I thought you should. And some­times, even in our hap­pi­est moments, you looked so sad, like you were miss­ing some­one. Your body lan­guage and your words said you were happy, but your eyes told the truth.”

Every word he spoke broke my heart. I was finally ready to really set­tle down. I was ready to love him uncon­di­tion­ally. I was ready to start a fam­ily and love him like I promised years ago in front of friends and fam­ily. But now it was too late. It was at that moment I real­ized that it was never him who destroyed our marriage—it was me all along.