How My Marriage Changed When My Family Moved In with My Much Older Husband’s Parents: Part 1

Me and my older hus­band, Kee­gan, now had two young kids together and decided it was time to sell our own indi­vid­ual homes and buy our own cus­tom dream house together. This process included mov­ing in with his par­ents, an idea that I was less than thrilled about, because I could not—and still cannot—stand his mother. Till today, she still makes my skin crawl.

Our mar­riage had a lot of stresses and fights because of his par­ents. And then to move in so they were on top of us—even if it was temporarily—was just a flat-out bad move alto­gether. It helped finan­cially, because we did not have to pay rent, but it seri­ously affected our rela­tion­ship with each other and our kids.

My house sold quickly, but Keegan’s house sold even faster. We signed the agree­ment to build our new home in the begin­ning of April and we were able to move in by the begin­ning of Decem­ber. We ended up liv­ing with his par­ents for a total of one year and four months. Despite every­thing we had been through already, this was by far the hard­est part of our mar­riage. My husband’s knee jerk reac­tion was/is to always defend his mom and dad instead of his wife. This is still a very sore issue in our mar­riage today.

About six months after mov­ing in, my doc­tors deter­mined that I would need to have a par­tial hys­terec­tomy to resolve the pain that I had since our younger daughter’s birth. This was dev­as­tat­ing, because it would mean that we could never have any more kids like we planned to. In a way, it felt like I was being robbed of my wom­an­hood, and the over­all thought of need­ing yet another major surgery was absolutely daunt­ing. But, I have to admit that I would never have made it through with­out Keegan.

Because of the way the ben­e­fit year fell at work, the surgery had to be delayed until Jan­u­ary 2013. This time around, surgery laid me com­pletely out. It was the hard­est surgery I ever had. I strug­gled phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally, and men­tally to feel like an attrac­tive woman again. I strug­gled with menopause at 26 years old.

I also strug­gled sex­u­ally; I just couldn’t be aroused or reach an orgasm. At one point, I remem­ber telling Kee­gan to just divorce me, because it was all too much. Here I was at 26 going through what most 50-year-old women expe­ri­ence. Although with our big age dif­fer­ence, at least we were on the same page with the phys­i­cal ailments.

Between the fight­ing with his fam­ily and the dis­ap­pear­ing act of our sex life, it just didn’t seem fair to either of us to con­tinue on with our mar­riage. But Kee­gan dis­agreed and stood by my side—he never even flinched. He chose not to take a lover, and instead, said he was sat­is­fied with what­ever help I could pro­vide him sex­u­ally. It was much harder for me than he ini­tially real­ized though, because I could not get aroused at all after surgery for quite some time.

It was dur­ing this time that an old flame, Brian, came back into the picture—this was the man that I had had an affair with just a cou­ple weeks before I mar­ried Kee­gan. I just needed some­one who was on my side to talk to and con­fide in, and he was there for me. Brian had moved to Min­nesota, but although we couldn’t see each other face-to-face, we talked every sin­gle day. Big mistake…

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