How My Older Man’s Wife Made It Easy for Me to Sleep with Her Husband: Part 1

Easter Sun­day had finally arrived. The crowd for the company’s Easter egg hunt was great—we had a huge turnout, and all of the spon­sors came through with the finances. My two daugh­ters were lin­ing up to start the egg hunt when a giant Easter bunny appeared around the cor­ner. Lit­tle did they know that inside the bunny suit was the boss, Mr. Brown, who also hap­pened to be my older lover. He gave each of my kids a hug and then took pic­tures with them.

I watched as he passed out bas­kets and candy to all of the kids who were par­tic­i­pat­ing. While the kids were out search­ing for their eggs, Mr. Brown walked toward me and pinched my rear end as he came and stood in front of me. There were so many peo­ple around—including co-workers—and I couldn’t stop blush­ing, even though the last thing I wanted was for peo­ple to find out about our office romance. He then told me that as soon as the egg hunt was over, I was to meet him near the pavil­ion where the food was being served and he would sit with my daugh­ters and me for lunch.

As we were chat­ting, I saw the black Cadil­lac pull up out of the cor­ner of my eye—it was his wife. I wanted to pre­tend like I didn’t see any­thing, but Mr. Brown knew what was going on. He told me again to meet him by the pavil­ion in about 30 min­utes. He then walked over to Mrs. Brown, held her hand, and headed towards the office entrance.

I was a ner­vous wreck. I knew that with her health dete­ri­o­rat­ing, she wasn’t going to make a scene in front of every­one, espe­cially the chil­dren. But I couldn’t help but won­der what they were doing inside.

My kids came run­ning over to show me all of the good­ies they got, and quickly started com­plain­ing that they were hun­gry. I told them that we would eat soon enough. I wanted to walk towards the pavil­ion to grab seats, but I felt like my legs wouldn’t move. My older daugh­ter asked if I was feel­ing OK, but I told her that I was just hot from work­ing in the heat, and that I would be fine once we sat down.

We got a seat near the back of the pavil­ion near the fan. The cool air was pretty much the only thing that was keep­ing me from pass­ing out. The kids started sift­ing through their candy, and, as I looked around, I spot­ted both Mr. and Mrs. Brown walk­ing towards me. My old­est daugh­ter turned to me and said, “There’s your boss, mommy!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Mr. Brown asked if he could talk to me in pri­vate for a minute. Mrs. Brown offered to sit with the kids and then winked at me. I was so confused—what was the wink for? Was she hop­ing that I would ask him about his “mis­tress,” or was she still sus­pect­ing me of being the mistress?

Mr. Brown took me into an office away from the pavil­ion and shut the door. He told me that he had some­thing very impor­tant to tell me. I could feel my heart start to race. I had no idea what was com­ing next…

  • Niy­ati Hotchandani