How My Older Man’s Wife Made It Easy for Me to Sleep with Her Husband: Part 2

Mr. Brown, my older mar­ried lover, had just told me that he needed to talk to me about some­thing impor­tant, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. It turns out that his wife had told him all about the lunch date that she and I had. She had told him about everything—like that she had shared the details of their mar­riage and her father’s money. And then he told me some­thing even more shock­ing: she had given him per­mis­sion to date me.

I was in shock. Mrs. Brown had known all along—she didn’t need spies or cell phone records. Mr. Brown said that his wife thought I was a great girl with a good head on her shoul­ders. We couldn’t go pub­lic with our relationship—Mrs. Brown still wanted to pro­tect her money, estate, and fam­ily name, so it still needed it to be kept under wraps. I told him I was OK with that arrange­ment. We really didn’t want to rush into any­thing any­ways, and now we had a chance to at least be together with­out sneak­ing around his wife.

Mr. Brown also asked me if I wanted to go to a con­fer­ence with him in Geor­gia. But I told him that I needed to spend more time with my kids this sum­mer before they went back to school. And then he dropped another surprise—the kids could come along and we could stay on the beach in South Car­olina. He said that he had already cleared it with his part­ners down there, and we could use their condo for a full two weeks.

I told him that I thought it was a won­der­ful idea, and that I was sure the kids would love spend­ing time on the beach. He then pulled me in towards him and kissed me pas­sion­ately. He grabbed my hand and we ran out of the office. As we headed back out­side, I saw Mrs. Brown laugh­ing and col­or­ing with the kids while eat­ing ham­burg­ers and hotdogs.

We walked back towards the table and she winked at me again. All I could do was grin from ear to ear. She told me that she thought I had beau­ti­ful, well-behaved girls, and that she knew that I was a good per­son. I couldn’t believe this was hap­pen­ing. I looked at Mr. Brown and he looked at her. They both nod­ded their heads and then he asked my girls if they had ever been to the beach. They both said “No” in uni­son, and then he revealed that we’d be going in just a few months. They both shrieked with excite­ment and imme­di­ately started talk­ing about dol­phins and fish.

Things could only get eas­ier from here. I knew there would still be chal­lenges ahead in our rela­tion­ship, but at least we would be able to work through them with­out hid­ing from his wife. We still had to keep other peo­ple from find­ing out, but since I knew that Mrs. Brown was OK with it, things would at least get a lit­tle simpler.

I watched Mrs. Brown as she got back in her Cadil­lac with her dri­ver. They honked and waved. I looked over at Mr. Brown to see him smil­ing. “Let’s get the kids and go to the park,” he said. I was exhausted and so were they, but we decided to go any­ways. It was prob­a­bly the best day we had ever had in our rela­tion­ship thus far.