How My Rich Older Man Bought My Forgiveness After I Found Out He Cheated on Me

Did I have a clue as a naive young woman with such lit­tle world expe­ri­ence to make such long-term deci­sions? I had always been mis­taken for some­one older, not based on my looks, but my per­son­al­ity, the way I carry myself, and the way I just am. But here I was, reduced to just a play­thing for an older man, who basi­cally bought me with a house, car, and an easy, care­free life. Until that day I found out he was see­ing other women, it had never really occurred to me that it was a trans­ac­tional relationship.

As I relaxed there soak­ing in the tub, star­ing off into obliv­ion and feel­ing emo­tion­ally raw from the day, I decided it was time to do some research. I had never ques­tioned my lifestyle before; I was taken care of, so I didn’t have to. I started doing some research on exactly how much I was cost­ing Marco: the cost of rent if I were to pay it, the cost of the truck, insur­ance pay­ments, gas, gro­ceries, din­ners or events out, gifts, books, you name it. I cal­cu­lated every­thing he’d bought or paid for up to that point.

I had no idea that main­tain­ing me for his own per­sonal enjoy­ment, or what­ever you want to call it, was cost­ing him so much each month. It’s not like he didn’t have the money to do so; I just had no con­cept of money until I put two and two together. I’d never man­aged finances before, so after total­ing things up to approx­i­mately $4,000 a month reg­u­larly, some­times more, I was shocked and dis­gusted with myself. How did I take so much for granted? I could never afford any part of this lifestyle on my own. I enjoyed it, but more so, I enjoyed Marco.

I thought I loved him, and I thought I could change his mind about being monog­a­mous with me. To me, our rela­tion­ship was real and valid. I pic­tured us get­ting mar­ried, hav­ing kids, and liv­ing hap­pily ever after, just as we were now. Real­ity had other plans. As my mom warned, Marco returned home early. He was off the entire trip and lost the bid. When he returned home, I was there wait­ing in a sexy lit­tle out­fit and with a smile on my face.

We didn’t talk at all—we just made pas­sion­ate love, with­out reser­va­tions or hang-ups. The sex was bet­ter than usual, more inti­mate and intense, bring­ing a whole new level to our sex lives. After­wards, Marco pre­sented me with two gifts: dia­mond and pearl ear­rings. It was his way of apol­o­giz­ing. Did I want this? Yes. Did I want Marco? Yes, but I also wanted for­ever with him and couldn’t even fig­ure out if he would con­sider it. We didn’t bring it up again. The sex remained hot for some time and small sur­prises were more fre­quent for a small period of time, remind­ing me just who was in charge.

That week­end, I went out with my broth­ers and their friends while Marco spent time with his own friends. Life was back to nor­mal mostly. “You know he’ll never change Viv, he’s an old man set in his ways. Why do you waste your time with him? He’s so old. And you could be with a young guy like Bill in a heart­beat,” my brother scowled.

I love him! He’s taught me a lot and takes good care of me,” I responded shyly. My brother, Thomas, and I had never talked about my rela­tion­ship before.

You have daddy issues,” he jibed.

WHAT? I do not. We share par­ents in case you for­got, a*shole!” I shot back fiercely.

Nope, you were adopted,” I could hear him say teas­ingly as his voice trailed off—my mind was run­ning wild now. I didn’t have “daddy issues,” did I? I wasn’t sure exactly what the hell he meant, but I didn’t have that kind of issue, or so I thought—little did I know.