How My Sugar Daddy Bought My Forgiveness After His Plans For a Romantic Getaway Went Horribly Wrong: Part 1

I headed to the field, hand in hand with my rich older man, Michael. I felt stronger, deter­mined, and fierce even. I didn’t care what his col­leagues thought about our rela­tion­ship. After giv­ing myself a lit­tle pep talk, I felt con­fi­dent enough to deal with any old hag with a pen­chant for med­dling or play­ing mind games.

Before head­ing out, Michael told me that he had left a gift for me on the bed—it was a base­ball cap that I still have today. It was pink, with white let­ter­ing; the let­ters of the team he’d just pur­chased. Of all the gifts Michael had given me dur­ing our time together, includ­ing the dia­monds, the designer clothes, the lux­u­ri­ous trips, and the fancy meals, this one was the best. I felt like it was a sign that he was get­ting to know the real me. It was a sim­ple base­ball cap, and I absolutely loved it. It’s one of the few gifts from him that I’ve kept till today.

We arrived at the field for what was, yet again, another event Michael did not dis­close to me. We were the only two there in jeans and base­ball hats, while every­one else was dressed up to meet the new owner. I knew that if I had con­fronted Michael about trick­ing me into attend­ing another work event, he would have said the same thing he said last time: “Would you have come if I told you the truth?”

To be hon­est, the answer was yes, because by this time, I was so com­fort­able in my own skin and with our age dif­fer­ence that it didn’t occur to me to feel awk­ward. It only occurred to me to be defen­sive of my own character.

We mixed and min­gled with the large group of peo­ple. The team was sched­uled to come on the field and play while we sat in reserved seat­ing and ate some pretty good food. Michael was ecsta­tic, so much so that he kind of for­got I was even there. That’s when a tall mus­cu­lar gen­tle­man approached me and struck up con­ver­sa­tion. He was the new Gen­eral Man­ager of Michael’s team; he intro­duced him­self sim­ply as Tom.

So, you and Michael, what’s that about?” he asked inquis­i­tively. I was a lit­tle taken back. I was expect­ing to be hav­ing this kind of con­ver­sa­tion with another woman, but as it turned out, men also pass the same type of cyn­i­cal judg­ment that restrains them from doing what they really want.

I smiled coyly and said to him in a hushed tone, “Wouldn’t you like to know. Too bad it’s none of your busi­ness. You were hired to man­age the team, not to med­dle in Michael’s per­sonal life.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa—easy killer. I just find it odd that my new boss is this piti­ful old man, and he’s here with a beau­ti­ful young woman like your­self. Cer­tainly, you could do bet­ter. I’m not that much older than you, you know,” said Tom.

Really? How did you get this job? You obvi­ously aren’t very smart. I can’t believe you are try­ing to have this con­ver­sa­tion with your new boss’—” My voice trailed off. I really didn’t know how to fin­ish that sen­tence, but Tom cut in before I had a chance to con­tinue. And what he said left me in shock…