How My Sugar Daddy Got Me to Sleep with Him Two Weeks Into Our Relationship (and Why It Was a Big Mistake)

Every time I saw my new sugar daddy, Chad, I knew I was falling harder and harder for him. I found myself think­ing of him even when he wasn’t around and when we kissed each other, he ignited some­thing in me that I thought had died. I knew he had a girl­friend, but I didn’t mind being the other woman as long as they weren’t married.

Two weeks into our rela­tion­ship, we went back to his friend’s restau­rant where we had first got­ten to know each other. I told him I needed to speak to him out­side and I con­fessed that I was yearn­ing for him. He wasted no time in tak­ing me to a hotel that was about three min­utes away. As soon as we got there, we stripped down right away and had sex—it sud­denly became clear to me that I was in love with this man. The sex was intense and mag­i­cal. He pam­pered me, caressed me, and explored my body. Chad made me feel wanted, some­thing my boyfriend back home never did!

As much as I wanted him, I tried to con­trol my desires to see him when he was work­ing at his lux­ury real estate com­pany. How­ever, Chad never dis­ap­pointed; flow­ers would arrive with an invi­ta­tion for lunch as soon as he had time to spare.

His girl­friend was none the wiser, and nei­ther was my boyfriend Lex, or at least that’s what I thought. As my rela­tion­ship with Chad pro­gressed, I yearned for him even more and we found the most ran­dom places to have steamy sex.

On one of his days off, we drove around the island until we found a nice secluded spot. We stood on a cliff over­look­ing the ocean below. We found a way to get to the bot­tom of the cliff and sat there watch­ing the water before he pushed me back onto the rocks and took me. To this day, the inten­sity of that moment still turns me on.

When I got home, I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to tell my friend Shyon. I would always come home after see­ing Chad and dish all the details of our steamy dates. I thought she was happy for me, but lit­tle did I know that she had been telling Lex all about my ren­dezvous and he was plan­ning to catch me in the act. Chad was the one that took me out to the fancy places and exposed me to a lav­ish lifestyle, while Lex is the one who gave me money and paid my rent and bills. They were both well off and I wasn’t quite ready to give either of them up.

Lex was no angel, as he later con­fessed that he was see­ing three other women and that’s why he wasn’t able to give me all of him. He would some­times run from his office and see me for a quick half hour and then rush back to “meet­ings.” He made no time for me because he had so many of us to split his time with. I wasn’t in love with him; I was in love with his cash. I was deter­mined to keep both men in my life, no mat­ter what the cost was.