How My Sugar Daddy Bought My Forgiveness After His Plans For a Romantic Getaway Went Horribly Wrong: Part 2

My new boss’ what?” retorted Tom. “You can’t even admit to it. Doesn’t that make you feel bad about your­self? Ruin your self-esteem? Get away from this guy. He may have money, but that’s about all he’s got going for him. The team he just bought is in trou­ble finan­cially. This sta­dium is only par­tially built and will take a hell of a lot more money to get it fin­ished. We expect him to bankroll it, and I expect you to bring it to his atten­tion, because he won’t give me the time of day to have a proper meet­ing with him.”

My jaw dropped. Why does Michael sur­round him­self with such dis­hon­est peo­ple? I was def­i­nitely at my limit when Michael spot­ted me. He took me aside and sim­ply said, “Let’s blow this joint!” We made it back to the hotel room and I imme­di­ately went into my bath­room and started cry­ing.

Michael tried to con­sole me, but I sim­ply had enough. I told him what Tom had told me. Michael was furi­ous and called an emer­gency meet­ing with sev­eral high-ups, includ­ing Tom, in this new orga­ni­za­tion he’d just purchased—Tom was fired on the spot in front of every­one. Michael imme­di­ately started restruc­tur­ing his man­age­ment chain, as if he’d never left the cor­po­rate office.

Then, he turned to me and directed me to order din­ner in for the two of us. We enjoyed the rest of the evening in the jacuzzi, eat­ing din­ner and watch­ing movies. This would be our last trip together, as Michael soon real­ized the toll his lifestyle was tak­ing on me. I wasn’t his pre­cious ex-sugar baby Kate. I wasn’t as easy­go­ing. I wasn’t OK with being tossed into the shark tank with­out a life vest. I was strong, inde­pen­dent and loved who I was, but who I was sim­ply no longer meshed with what Michael wanted.

This strug­gle would soon be over. At the end of this trip, Michael’s dri­ver took me home. Before leav­ing, Michael gave me a very hand­some check. On the memo line, he wrote, “To buy a new car,” but real­is­ti­cally, it was for the week­end, plus six months worth of expenses. He did care for me in his own way, and wanted me to make my own deci­sion when it came to see­ing him or not—and he was not going to make it an easy one.