How One Bitter—and Now Famous—Sugar Baby Struck Gold

Famous Sugar Baby Sydney Leathers Struck GoldSince pro­fes­sional sugar baby Syd­ney Leathers, 23, revealed that she was par­tak­ing in sex­u­ally explicit con­ver­sa­tions with a well-known NYC may­oral can­di­date, 48-year-old Anthony Weiner, his polit­i­cal career has taken a seri­ous hit—his sup­port in the demo­c­ra­tic race is sink­ing, and fast.

Mean­while, Leathers is milk­ing this scan­dal for all its worth—she’s found fame and has made tons of money since the story first sur­faced. Leathers has already stripped down to star in her own solo porn flick. The sugar baby has also just signed a six-figure deal to be the face of an app that pro­motes casual dat­ing and hookups via tex­ting. Accord­ing to the deal, Leathers is required to keep an active pro­file on their site and has to “sext” with members—something she knows about all too well, con­sid­er­ing that’s what her rela­tion­ship with Weiner con­sisted of.

The famous sugar baby has been pretty open about the scan­dal with Weiner, hav­ing already talked to sev­eral big media out­lets, and she has no plans to stop talk­ing any­time soon. But, con­trary to what it looks like, Leathers main­tains that she’s not tak­ing advan­tage of the scan­dal for her own gains—she’s sim­ply tak­ing what comes her way. “If I really wanted fame or atten­tion, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t have tried to remain anony­mous (for as long as I did). I prob­a­bly would’ve came out sooner with every­thing,” said Leathers in another recent inter­view, adding that she would’ve asked for money in return for the pho­tos and tran­scripts if money is what she was in this for. “Once my face was out there, it was like, ‘You might as well cap­i­tal­ize on it while you can.’ Because what am I going to do? Hide in a cave and pre­tend I don’t exist for the rest of my life?”

The sugar baby claims that the only rea­son she went pub­lic with her scan­dalous rela­tion­ship with Weiner was because she was bit­ter about how he was por­tray­ing him­self in the media—she wanted to out him for lying to the pub­lic and to his wife, who has been stand­ing by him through­out the scan­dal, although she was notice­ably absent at the most recent polit­i­cal debate, where Weiner sort of addressed the scan­dal. “I said from the begin­ning of this cam­paign that there were things in my per­sonal back­ground that I was embar­rassed by, things I worked out with my wife in the pri­vacy of our own home, but were unfor­tu­nately being played out in front of the whole coun­try,” he said in his open­ing state­ments. “I have noth­ing but regret for those things, and I am deeply sorry for them.”

What do you think: Do you believe that Syd­ney Leathers didn’t come for­ward with the scan­dal for fame or money?


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