How Paul Walker’s Young Girlfriend is Coping with His Tragic Death

Sugar Daddy Paul Walker Young Girlfriend CopingIt’s been almost a week now, but the world is still in shock over the sud­den death of 40-year-old actor Paul Walker, who was in the pas­sen­ger seat of a Porsche that hit a pole and tree before burst­ing into flames, trag­i­cally killing him and the dri­ver, pro­fes­sional racer Roger Rodas, on Novem­ber 30, 2013.

Walker left behind a 15-year-old daugh­ter, but not many peo­ple know that he also left behind his long-time girl­friend, 23-year-old Jas­mine Pilchard-Gosnell. The actor was always pri­vate about his per­sonal life, but the young woman has now been thrust into the spot­light. She was recently seen out­side Walker’s home, her first time step­ping out in pub­lic since his death, seek­ing com­fort in the arms of a friend.

Pilchard-Gosnell, a col­lege stu­dent, has also been lean­ing on fam­ily, espe­cially her mother, to help her get through the heart­break­ing news of Walker’s death. “Paul was a really good guy and Jas­mine is bro­ken up by this. I went to Thanks­giv­ing with him, played golf with him,” her uncle recently said in an inter­view. “They had their ups and downs, but they were together and look­ing to spend a bright future together.”

The celebrity cou­ple first met back in 2006 when Pilchard-Gosnell was only 16—Walker was 33 at the time. Despite their 17-year age dif­fer­ence, their May-December rela­tion­ship has flour­ished over the past seven years and the young woman has even stepped in as a step­mother fig­ure for Walker’s daugh­ter, Meadow. It’s believed Pilchard-Gosnell is the one who actu­ally broke the news to Meadow about her father’s death. We can only hope they’re able to lean on each other now as they help each other through their tragic loss.


Bates, D., “EXCLUSIVE: Paul Walker’s stu­dent girl­friend, 23, ‘bro­ken up’ over star’s tragic death as daugh­ter strug­gles to cope with ‘hor­ri­ble’ news,” Daily Mail web site, Decem­ber 1, 2013;

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  • Gin­geryCook­ies

    ugh 40 year olds dat­ing 23 year olds are gross

    • jes­sica reliford

      Age doesn’t mat­ter unless they are very young

    • Erma Bur­nett

      date who­ever you want just keep it in tackfulness.

      • annon o mous

        My sis­ter was 31 met her boss he was 65 or so. When they got mar­ried she was 33 then a year later she says I’m a grandma I didn’t know he had a 30 year old daugh­ter. I was 31!!!
        I only knew of the two very young kids he had from a pre­vi­ous mar­riage. 11 and 13 that’s just wrong. Plus my 6 year old kept call­ing him
        pa pa instead of uncle… now he’s like 71 and they are divorced. Smart guy with a prenup­tial but yuck freak­ing awk­ward every­time. Every­time. Every­time. Try that at The Olé Din­ner Table Fam­ily get togethers.….


        Yea cause the courts think the aver­age cit­i­zen has the right to too! Dingbat!

    • Justin Ruck

      Actu­ally, what’s gross is that he started dat­ing her when he was 33 and she was a good jail-bait age of 16. I heard that wasn’t the first time he dated an under­age girl, either. I guess he did so as well in his late 20’s.

    • signs of the times

      They’re adults and it’s legal and he had the $$$, and the looks.

    • Katey Billings

      They were in love. When you are really in love and really care about some­one age doesn’t mat­ter. Let him R.I.P.

  • young N dumb

    .… so are the 23 yr old girls who want to date 40 + yr old geezers!

    • S.M.

      Uh…geezer? We’ll see if you feel like a “geezer” at 40. I bet not.

    • rogue­as­sas­sins

      Thank you, finally some­one who admits that she and her par­ents are just as much at fault as he is.

  • Kelly

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME. He was a child moles­ter. I heard about this last week and it made me sick. To think him a child moles­ter and her mother is a low life for allow­ing this to start. He should have been in jail 7 years ago not con­tin­u­ing like he is nor­mal. So all of his famous friends who knew about this are just as guilty as he was.

    • rika fury

      Hey dum­b­ass… They MET when he was 33 and she was 16… They didn’t start dat­ing then. Learn how to read.

      • MeMe Cola Jean

        Haha ur Funny Lol

    • lisa

      I think you all need to get a life and move on you. Before you point fin­gers at oth­ers for not being per­fect you need to remem­ber you have 4 point­ing back at you. Obvi­ously you don’t have any­thing bet­ter to do than down­grade some­one who is no longer with us. God bless all of you that you can let him rest in peace.

      • Katey Billings

        I agree with you 100%. You said it well.

    • kayla

      Are you kid­ding me?? You have got to be the biggest idiot ever. I highly doubt that you are any­where close to being per­fect. Don’t act like you have never done any­thing thay soci­ety wouldn’t accept. If the mom felt safe with it and the daugh­ter was happy with him who gives a fly­ing f***. You are very dis respect­ful. Get a flip­ping life and quit say­ing shit about some­one who is no longer here. You should be ashamed. I’m ashamed that there are peo­ple like you.

    • DeeAnn

      Sorry to inform but that age doesn’t make him a child moles­ter. That is a per­son who touches a young child who doesnt know they shoul­snt be touched at her age it would be called rap. And who knows if it was a sex­ual at that time. Maybe they were friends at first so stfu.


        At 33 you have no busi­ness hav­ing 16 year old “friends”!

        • An

          ^ it said they meet when she was 16 it didn’t say they were in a rela­tion­ship, read! Now she is 23 (AN ADULT) and she can date who­ever she wants! How can you sit here and talk about some one who has passed away, have some respect. He prob­a­bly kept his per­sonal life pri­vate because of peo­ple like you want­ing to judge when you don’t even know the situation.

    • Dorothyjoan1220

      Do you real­ize that in other coun­tries young women are mar­ried off by 12 yrs old.….my grand­mother from Italy had her first child at 13 yrs old and had nine more after that.…a16 year is 100% a women!!! Besides men are 15 yrs less emo­tion­ally mature then us any­way lolllll

  • Mightbme

    He was 33 and she 16 when it all started! Creepy!

  • amtorres21

    Its none of yall’s busi­ness what he did in his per­sonal life no one has a right to judge him plus he should be left in piece he ain’t here to defend him self! Let him rest in peace for gods sake!!

  • Car­rie Rodriguez

    The Whole sit­u­a­tion is heart­break­ing, hope they can help each other through this time!!!!!!!

  • Julia g

    What about Ash­ton Kutcher and Demi Moore. What about their age dif­fer­ence. It’s all good there isn’t it


      Ash­ton was a a twenty some­thing year old adult not a child who hadn’t even had a prom yet. Big diff! But still gross!

  • Julia g

    There are women all over Hol­ly­wood dat­ing
    younger men allll day long so get over their age difference


      And they are pigs too! Peo­ple need to grow up and stop try­ing to be 20 at 80!

      • Dodie Nevins

        Really you grow up love has no age unless its actu­ally a child . My dad mar­ried my 15 year old mother when he was 21 and they were happy 33 long years until she died and he has still never ‘re mar­ried . I mean get real back in the ages as soon as a girl hit puberty she was sold off for mar­riage to the high­est bid­der be glad we have choices in these ages and we should not be bashed for our choice you are not god so get a life !!!! And maybe the time to state you opin­ion would have been while the man was alive quite trashy if you ask me !!!!

        • Shan­non Kay

          I’m not con­don­ing or con­demn­ing any of this, how­ever a 6 year age dif­fer­ence is quite dif­fer­ent from a 17 year age dif­fer­ence. Espe­cially for a celebrity who can get any girl that he wanted to.

  • Molly Lyions

    Their ages don’t really mat­ter any­more do they? He’s gone now.…let him rest in peace!

  • Guest

    That is their choice to be together. Large age dif­fer­ences hap­pen ever day in the dat­ing world. Just because she was 16 when they met who knows when she was going to be 17 a month or six months. If the par­ents con­sented to the rela­tion­ship then that is that. It doesn’t mean it was a sex­ual rela­tion­ship. They could have been friends first. Who knows because you don’t you weren’t there so shut the f*** up


      Seri­ously? If the par­ents con­sented? Yea cause i’m sure they are gonna object to their daugh­ter pos­si­bly being a millionaire!

  • Klaus Schweitzer

    Actu­ally the prob­lem with it is she wasn’t legal and he knew it thats stat rape, it would be dif­fer­ent if she was atleast legal age when they started dat­ing. Thats just sick, and plus why would your sis­ter marry a 65 year old he’ll be dead in what like 5 years whats the point??? Also your sis­ter was atleast legal age whereas this girl was not thats the dif­fer­ence. Also to the per­son who said date who you want, so its okay to date a 12 year old at age 30? Your a sick per­son and need help what if that was your daughter??

  • SMH

    It’s funny how a lot of peo­ple are defend­ing him dat­ing a 16 say­ing it’s his busi­ness but when R. Kelly does it peo­ple were ready to cas­trate his ass. Both of them are wrong and should be put under the jail!

  • signs of the times

    How do you all know if they were even inti­mate before she turned 18? YOU DON’T! 16 is 2 years from 18. Two con­sent­ing adults is not ille­gal. Besides… it’s none of your business.

  • Deshawn Glover

    oh please and they want to send R Kelly to jail stuff like this been going on from Elvis Pres­ley time to now.

  • S.M.

    Some of you don’t know what you’re talk­ing about. Regard­less of whether you think it’s “gross” or not, the age of con­sent varies by state and is 16 in MANY states. And all of Canada. And even lower in other coun­tries. If they were hav­ing a sex­ual rela­tion­ship in half of the U.S. at the time, it would have been per­fectly legal.

  • unsweet­ened­poon

    That’s what I love about these
    high school girls, man. I get older, they stay
    the same age. –Dazed and Con­fused, and Paul Walker.

  • Jamie Lee

    Have some respect if she died she would want to some­one to treat her with respect. If she was famous and passed away she would want all the respect we offer

  • Michael Maneschyn

    How do you guar­an­tee met means some­thing other than met. Did you know him. Did you know her or are you just some­one who hangs out on line toss­ing out “fac­tual the­o­rys” only you would know about in regards to how the world works. Nor­mal peo­ple with brains don’t hang out on sites like this.

    As it is though I’m on here to. In my defense I finally got a phone that goes on line and this is the first thing that poped up. To my sur­prise it was a moron talking.

  • Dodie Nevins

    Yeah cause at six­teen that’s child molest­ing ok ever watch six­teen and preg­nant teen mom or how about you read the bible a lit­tle bit what do you think of some of men in there hmmmmm

  • Dodie Nevins

    I’ve replied to a few of the com­ments but let me also say this for one the man is dead show some respect cause he was a respectable man whom done good with his fame and wealth. Sec­ondly let me say its was obvi­ously not a child moles­ter sit­u­a­tion he had true emo­tion­ally con­nec­tions for this woman for her to still been around for seven years and become his daugh­ters step mother and for her to still be there help­ing the daugh­ter after the fact goes to fur­ther show the extent of their rela­tion­ship. You can­not help whom you fall in love with and it isn’t your life or wasn’t your six­teen year old daugh­ter so you have no say in any­thing so why let it bother you and who is to say she wasn’t days from 17 when they met we all know how mag­a­zines love to sell stuff it could have very well be a day before but they are gonna go with 16 cause that sounds so much bet­ter to sell mag­a­zines . Just remem­ber you dont want to be judged for things you do that peo­ple dont agree with so dont judge oth­ers besides isn’t that the good lords job and I do believe in his book women were 14 off with 30 year old men js

  • Katey Billings

    Paul walker was an amaz­ing actor. Nobody should judge him. Step In his daugh­ters shoes and just imag­ine what she is gôing through.

  • Alexa Morales

    He made a decent women of her!!!!!We know the “name” for a girl of 16 who dat­ing man in 30s.…

    • rogue­as­sas­sins

      I’m hon­estly aston­ished that nobody is plac­ing blame on her or her par­ents, just him. She knew exactly who he was and con­sciously got involved with him. There are laws on the books for this to pro­tect minors and her par­ents didn’t press charges did they? They were irre­spon­si­ble to allow this rela­tion­ship to hap­pen in the first place, it wasn’t Paul Walker’s job to act as her parental fig­ure. The judg­ment on the inter­net is amaz­ing, espe­cially con­sid­er­ing the man is dead and can’t even defend him­self. God, peo­ple are stupid.

      • Alexa Morales


  • justins­fire

    some man out there hurt u bad, and it shows babe.

  • justins­fire

    what sad is Paul daugh­ter has peo­ple like you on here bash­ing her father, and mother and her grand par­ents’. what­ever hap­pen too if u have noth­ing nice to say don’t say any­thing at all. and don’t speak ill of the dead. they say to leave the dead at peace and their name out of your gos­sip for reasons.