How Sex with a Rich Older Man Landed Me in the ER (and Why I Didn’t Mind): Part 1

There we were again—Keegan and I were back together and mak­ing love like rab­bits. Things were finally back to nor­mal; we were happy, together, exclu­sive, and finally on the same page about our rela­tion­ship. His online dat­ing pro­file was gone and his crazy stalker chick was out of the pic­ture. So, we decided it was the per­fect time for me to meet his friends. Would I pass their test? Would this hurt his career, or mine even? Only time would tell.

As we got ready to head out and meet his friends, we decided it would be nice to have a lit­tle quickie before we left. Being around him had me nearly con­stantly aroused, and frankly, he was such a horny guy that our sex­ual appetite lined up beautifully.

About mid­way through, I felt some­thing pop and felt a ter­ri­ble, hor­ren­dous pain in my abdomen. I imme­di­ately felt sick and light­headed. I was hav­ing cold sweats and felt like I was about to pass out. Kee­gan didn’t know what was wrong, but quickly got us both dressed and rushed me to the ER.

I passed out on the way there. I came to for a few min­utes, but then passed out again from the pain when the ER doc­tor started push­ing down on my abdomen.

They imme­di­ately ran a bar­rage of tests, loaded me up on painkillers, and dis­cov­ered that I had a softball-sized cyst on my ovary that burst dur­ing sex, caus­ing my ovary to twist around on itself and cut­ting off blood sup­ply. The ovary would soon die if blood flow wasn’t restored. The doc­tor started talk­ing about surgery, and Kee­gan held my hand; he never left my side.

Despite the ter­ri­ble news and hor­rific pain I was in, some­how I felt calm. My blood pres­sure low­ered to a nor­mal pace from the time he held my hand so sig­nif­i­cantly that the doc­tor made men­tion of Keegan’s calm­ing effect on me.

The doc­tor offered one other option, aside from surgery, and that was to try man­ual manip­u­la­tion from a com­bi­na­tion of inside of my body and out­side of my body. They could see the direc­tion the ovary was turned and could start to turn it back, but they would have to do so in a surgery cen­ter, in case they needed to quickly access it in order to save the ovary.

The whole ordeal raised a big con­cern for me. I knew that Kee­gan wanted kids some­day, but what if I could never have kids? I had to know right then and there if this would be a deal­breaker for him…