How Sex with a Rich Older Man Landed Me in the ER (and Why I Didn’t Mind): Part 2

What if I can never give you the chil­dren you want?” I asked Kee­gan, scared and start­ing to cry.

You will, or I’ll trade you in for a newer model,” he said jok­ingly. He was always try­ing to make me laugh, espe­cially at the most inap­pro­pri­ate times. It was his way of help­ing me to cope with things, to lighten the mood and make the sit­u­a­tion at hand more manageable.

The doc­tor did another scan just to con­firm the loca­tion and twist before send­ing me back. Luck­ily, he found that the organ had already started turn­ing and blood flow was start­ing to return nat­u­rally. The doc­tor rea­soned that hav­ing sex caused the cyst to rup­ture, and the size of the cyst was so sig­nif­i­cant that it caused my ovary to turn. He sug­gested get­ting off of any birth con­trol I was on at the time and to just stick to using a bar­rier method.

We left the hos­pi­tal, but I was still high on pain meds. “There are cheaper ways to avoid my friends than a trip to the ER you know,” Kee­gan said jok­ingly. He called his friend Jason to let him know I couldn’t make it out. “Bed­time for the lit­tle one?” Jason asked, obvi­ously egging Kee­gan on about our age dif­fer­ence. I was amazed to hear how Kee­gan han­dled his obnox­ious friend.

Yeah, the lit­tle woman and I were hav­ing sex and my mas­sive pack­age caused some­thing inside of her to explode. I guess it was pretty painful, so I just dumped her at the ER,” Kee­gan said, laugh­ing. I was laugh­ing, too, as his friend Jason started to get worried.

Wait, seri­ously dude—how old is this chick?” he asked, sound­ing gravely con­cerned. Kee­gan and I started laugh­ing and I took the phone from Keegan.

Hi Jason, don’t worry. He’s only par­tially jok­ing. We are headed home now, per­haps another time we can all get together? The pain med­ica­tions the ER doc­tor put me on are very strong,” I said.

Oh, hi Vivian. Sure, yes of course, another time then. Feel bet­ter!” Jason ended the phone call as we arrived to my apartment.

Kee­gan stayed with me that night. By the sec­ond day, I was still feel­ing very ten­der, but was alert. Despite the minor health set­back, my new job was going amaz­ingly well, my new bosses were impressed with my edu­ca­tion and skills, and my older man was amaz­ing. Life couldn’t get bet­ter than this, I thought.

My mom was wor­ried about me, so we decided to pay her a visit. That was the sec­ond time he met my par­ents, and it couldn’t have gone any bet­ter. My mom was happy to see that we were back together again and that we had finally worked out all of our mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tions. After a lit­tle while, we headed home and cud­dled up on the couch for movie night. This couldn’t get any more perfect.