How Simon Cowell Really Feels About Becoming a Dad

Since the news broke that Simon Cow­ell is hav­ing a baby with his buddy’s soon-to-be ex-wife, the younger woman in question—Lauren Silverman—has been slammed by crit­ics who are say­ing that she’s only after Cowell’s money. One of those finger-pointers is Silverman’s hus­band, Andrew, whose camp is claim­ing that the only rea­son she was hold­ing out on their mar­riage was so that she could hit the 10-year mark and walk away with a few mil­lion from their prenup agreement.

Although the Sil­ver­mans, and Cow­ell, have all remained rel­a­tively quiet about the scan­dal, Lauren’s mother has spo­ken out to defend her daugh­ter. “Lau­ren isn’t a gold-digger. She came from a very com­fort­able fam­ily and never lacked any­thing.” Her mother is also aware of her daughter’s rela­tion­ship with Cow­ell, who is 17 years older, and seems to be OK with it. “Her and Simon are very fond of each other. She tells me great things about him and has always spo­ken very highly of him.”

Mean­while, sources close to Cow­ell are say­ing that the affair scan­dal isn’t going to stop him from doing his part as a father, despite being com­pletely blind­sided by news of the preg­nancy. “Simon told Lau­ren not to worry and he will take care of every­thing,” a source told Us Weekly. “He always takes care of his women. He gave [his ex, Mezghan Hus­sainy] a salary and bought her a house. He bought [his other ex, Terri Sey­mour] tons of fancy clothes and cars. He’s very gen­er­ous to his ladies.” The source also claimed that Cow­ell told his baby-mama not to worry about what her estranged hus­band says about her in the press because, going for­ward, he will take care of her and their child.

For­tu­nately, Andrew is report­edly pre­pared to do what­ever it takes to set­tle their divorce as quickly and pain­lessly as pos­si­ble, as he just wants to put Lau­ren, Cow­ell, and their scan­dalous affair behind him. Andrew is, how­ever, request­ing full cus­tody of their seven-year-old son.

What do you think: Would Simon Cow­ell make a good father?


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