How to Convince Your Rich, Older Fiancé to Let You Make All the Wedding Planning Decisions: Part 1

In less than 10 weeks, I was going to be walk­ing down the aisle with my older man, Kee­gan. I had won the bat­tle over where we would have our wedding—in Penn­syl­va­nia near my friends and fam­ily. Kee­gan wasn’t pleased at first, because he and his fam­ily wanted to have the wed­ding in D.C. But as usual, I got what I wanted.

I had hoped a smaller Penn­syl­va­nia wed­ding would cut down on the exten­sive guest list, too. Or so I thought. His par­ents blew a gas­ket when they found out what I had done. The deposit was non-refundable, so it was set. It put a kink in our rela­tion­ship, but it was worth the battle.

At that point, I began work­ing on my list of invi­ta­tions. I wanted a small and inti­mate wed­ding, so I restricted our wed­ding bud­get to about $6,500. Not because we had to, but because I didn’t want it to be a spec­ta­cle. His par­ents were irate about that as well. I refused to allow them to pay for any­thing either, but they went behind my back and paid for my cakes.

My mother designed all of the cen­ter­pieces and silk flower bou­quets that myself and the brides­maids car­ried. I requested silk flow­ers, because I wanted to be able to keep and reuse the bou­quet and cen­ter­pieces. It was eco­nom­i­cal and they wouldn’t wilt. But of course, his fam­ily looked down on that—they said it wasn’t “classy enough.”

Their com­ments didn’t slow me down, but they did hurt. I vented and raged about it to my best friend and con­fi­dant Laura. She lis­tened care­fully and was a neu­tral party in the whole ordeal; when it came down to it, she had my back and our best inter­ests at heart. Despite the push­back from Keegan’s fam­ily, I had fully taken over my wed­ding plan­ning. I orches­trated a cookie table, cakes, flow­ers, dec­o­ra­tions, and the venue, and the invi­ta­tions were sent to about 200 people.

The “hens” on Keegan’s side of the fam­ily were a bit miffed that I did every­thing on my own, but he later told me that despite their dis­ap­point­ment, they were actu­ally impressed, because they didn’t think some­one so young would be able to man­age plan­ning a nice wed­ding, tak­ing care of a baby, and work­ing full-time.

We were about four weeks out from the wed­ding when I decided to try on the dress I had bought right after we got engaged. It didn’t fit. I had lost too much weight every­where except my boobs—my boobs were big­ger than they had ever been. You can’t let out mate­r­ial that was never taken in. So, I had to buy a new dress.

This started a whole new argu­ment, because the med­dling monster-in-law had pur­chased a nice dress for the baby that was kind of sim­i­lar to my orig­i­nal wed­ding dress. That meant that I would be con­fined to just one type, color, and sheen of a dress in order for it to look right.

Well need­less to say, that didn’t hap­pen. Money wasn’t an issue, but because I had learned to live fru­gally and enjoy lux­u­ries in the right ways, I headed straight for the clear­ance rack at David’s Bridal. The shop clerk showed me a few dresses, but noth­ing was quite what I had in mind. Then, at the very back of the store, some­thing sud­denly caught my eye…

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