How to Convince Your Rich, Older Fiancé to Let You Make All the Wedding Planning Decisions: Part 2

At the very back of the rack on the floor, under all the other white wed­ding dresses, was this cham­pagne col­ored mate­r­ial. It caught my eye, so I picked it up and dusted it off.

I looked intently at this beau­ti­ful ivory and cham­pagne col­ored dress with its intri­cate bead­ing on the bodice, a satin feel of the mate­r­ial, and a princess-style cut with a 20-foot train that was embroi­dered with beaded flow­ers pat­terns and embell­ished with Swarovski crystals.

That was it. It was per­fect. I didn’t know what size it was, the price, or if it would even fit in any remote fash­ion. But for me, it sym­bol­ized how per­fectly imper­fect I was, and how that was just what Kee­gan needed to flour­ish in the way he had since we became a cou­ple. Keegan’s mother would detest the dress, but I could care less what she thought.

The dress was on sale for less than half the price and it was my size, but it needed some work. The clerk assisted me in gath­er­ing every­thing I would need to help make the dress fit prop­erly, like a corset to sup­port my volup­tuous chest, the right under­gar­ments, and six-inch heels. But even with the heels, the dress was too long. On top of that, I wanted to cover my shoul­der tat­toos and this dress was strap­less, so I requested them to add thick embroi­dered straps.

There was just one problem—it would take six weeks for them to com­plete the alter­ations. The wed­ding was in four weeks. My heart just sank as I stood there star­ing at myself in this beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress. This wed­ding felt like noth­ing but a strug­gle. And now I wouldn’t be able to have the dress of my dreams. The store clerk and seam­stresses talked to each other as they watched me. I hadn’t said any­thing after they told me it would take six weeks, but the store clerk was well aware of my short timeline.

I decided that rather than give up the dress, I would just attempt to do all the alter­ations myself. Right at that moment, one of the seam­stresses told me that she could do it in two weeks’ time. Words can’t explain how ecsta­tic I was.

I put a corset, stock­ings, match­ing thong, garter belt, and shoes on lay­away so that it could all be pur­chased at once when I came back for my last dress fit­ting in two weeks. It finally felt like every­thing was falling per­fectly into place.

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