How to Find a Sugar Daddy

QUESTION: I’m intrigued by the idea of hav­ing a sugar daddy. How do I go about find­ing one?

CHELSEA SAYS: Well, you’ve cer­tainly come to the right place with this ques­tion. Since one of the biggest dri­ving fac­tors behind hav­ing a sugar daddy is money, the best place to meet one is going to be in set­tings that attract older, afflu­ent men, like golf clubs, art gal­leries, and high-end auctions—that sort of thing. There’s actu­ally a great six-part fea­ture on this site with tips on where to go and what to do catch a sugar daddy’s atten­tion. You can click here to read it—it’s def­i­nitely worth check­ing out if you’re inter­ested in the sugar daddy lifestyle.

You can also try going online to find a sugar daddy. There are a cou­ple of legit­i­mate sugar daddy dat­ing sites out there that help put you in touch with older men who might fit the bill of what you’re look­ing for. How­ever, if you do decide to try online dat­ing, whether it’s to find a sugar daddy or a more tra­di­tional rela­tion­ship, there are a few things to keep in mind, sort of like unspo­ken rules, that will help make it a suc­cess­ful quest. Make sure your pro­file pic­ture is recent (within the last month), keep the descrip­tions in your pro­file short and to the point, and be clear about what you’re look­ing for.

The good thing about using a sugar daddy dat­ing web site is that the over­ar­ch­ing terms of the rela­tion­ship are under­stood by both parties—you’re both on the site look­ing for the same type of arrange­ment, so there’s less chance of a mis­un­der­stand­ing. When you approach a rich older man in per­son, he may not be inter­ested in hav­ing a sugar baby. On the other hand, noth­ing beats human con­tact. When chat­ting with a poten­tial sugar daddy online, you really can’t know for sure that he really is who he says he is until you phys­i­cally meet him.

TRENT SAYS: Aside from the obvi­ous sugar daddy/sugar baby dat­ing web sites, there are plenty of more organic ways to bump into a poten­tial sugar daddy.

For starters, to find a sugar daddy, sugar babies need to fol­low the money trail. And by that I mean you have to start hang­ing out where you think a sugar daddy hangs out. That prob­a­bly wouldn’t be Chuck E. Cheese’s. And you need to fig­ure out how old you want your sugar daddy to be. For exam­ple, the mod­ern day sugar daddy isn’t a gray-haired 55-year-old; he’s a 39-year-old that earns around $273,000 a year.

If you like going out for drinks, dress up and hit a higher-end bar. While the obvi­ous night to look good is a Fri­day or Sat­ur­day night, remem­ber that a lot of the older sugar dad­dies are attached and many spend the week­ends with their fam­i­lies. Inter­est­ingly, my friend who is a stock­bro­ker tells me that Thurs­day night is when he gets together with his friends after work to go out for drinks.

Another spot where you might bump into a poten­tial sugar daddy is at an air­port bar. Not all sugar dad­dies like being holed up in the air­lines’ exec­u­tive lounges. And with sports play­ing at every hour, most decent bars will have a few poten­tial sugar dad­dies watch­ing TV on almost any given night.

If you want to find an intel­li­gent, sophis­ti­cated older man who’s inter­est­ing, start vis­it­ing auctions—art, antiques, wine, etc. I can’t think of a major city that doesn’t hold auc­tions year-round. They’re free to attend and great for mingling.

Get­ting a mem­ber­ship at a museum or art gallery isn’t a bad way to meet a sugar daddy either.  Many of these venues host VIP events for mem­bers or have fundrais­ers. The restau­rant at a coun­try club, the race track, or equestri­enne events are also good options. Younger sugar dad­dies love to show off. Check to see if there’s a wine tast­ing or beer tast­ing event in your area.

For the most part though, if you’re inter­ested in being a sugar baby, go where you think a sugar daddy hangs out, and, as sex­ist as it sounds, make sure you look good. When it comes right down to it, chances are good that the sugar daddy will find you.