How to Get a Rich Older Man to Buy You Anything You Want without Having to Sleep with Him (Or Anyone Else)

I was afraid of men after my sugar daddy, Keith, and I broke up, and I avoided any seri­ous rela­tion­ships. I had just put my head into work­ing hard at school and on the week­ends, my friend Tamla and I would go to the North Coast to unwind. Tamla and I got along so well because we were both sin­gle. Keith and I had bro­ken up over a year ago, and Tamla’s engage­ment had come crash­ing down when her man left her abruptly.

When Tamla called me on Fri­day, she told me that she had been dat­ing this older guy whom she had met at the mall. I thought it was funny, because I had actu­ally just met an older man at the mall a few days ear­lier. He was a lawyer; it turns out that her man was a lawyer, too. As you may have guessed, we were both talk­ing about the same guy, Barry.

He had money, but didn’t seem to want to spend it. Tamla told me that Barry was older, but he looked like the type of man you’d be proud to be seen with, and she didn’t mind him being her sugar daddy. She just wished he had spent more on her. But the point is that Barry was with her, but was hit­ting on me. So, we called him on a con­fer­ence call and busted him.

Hi Barry, don’t you miss me?” asked Tamla.

Of course I do,” he said. “What are your plans for today?”

Oh, noth­ing much. I’m just here with my girl­friend,” she replied.

And what fun stuff are you guys up to today?”

Actu­ally, we were just about to get it on,” she said smiling.

If I was in town, would I be able to come over and watch?”

Sure, but it’s too bad you’re not here,” Tamla said seductively.

Tamla hung up with Barry and we were crack­ing up when the phone rang again. It was Barry, say­ing that he was going be around the fol­low­ing day, and if we were free, he’d love to come by—he still had no idea that I was the other woman.

We decided that I would arrive at Tamla’s house early the next day, and as soon as he knocked on the door, we would open it and with­out giv­ing him time to come in, we would go out and get into his car. That’s exactly what we did when he arrived at 10 a.m.

As he fol­lowed us down the steps, he asked us what we wanted to do and Tamla shouted, “Go to the mall!” Barry wasn’t even fazed by the fact that he had just been caught hit­ting on two friends, so we fig­ured we might as well go along with it.

We stopped at the first mall that was about five min­utes from Tamla’s home and she kept grab­bing stuff off the rack, while I just watched. Barry spent a cou­ple thou­sand dol­lars. And then we moved on to the next mall. He had already spent so much money that I almost felt a lit­tle sorry for him. But Tamla had only just begun…

Aren’t you going to pick stuff up, too?” Tamla whis­pered to me. “Had it not been for you, he would not even be here.”

I got myself a cou­ple pieces of cloth­ing, shoes, and acces­sories. Although my con­science was ring­ing in my head, I still shopped a lit­tle bit. After all, he wasn’t my sugar daddy, so I felt a lit­tle guilty going too crazy. But Tamla kept grab­bing stuff with­out try­ing any­thing on and with­out look­ing at the prices.

At this point, Barry was down about $20,000 and he was clearly annoyed. He real­ized that he had been tricked. By that time, no amount of sex could have made him feel bet­ter. When he dropped us back at Tamla’s place, he was so angry that when we offered for him to come in, he told us he had to go. It was the per­fect setup!

We got inside and burst out laugh­ing. We got him to spend loads of money on both of us with­out so much as touch­ing either of us. That’s what hap­pens when you try to play two smart women.