How to Get the Best Sex of Your Life From an Older Man

If you’ve just started dat­ing a hot older man, you’re prob­a­bly still in the hon­ey­moon phase of your relationship—you know, those first cou­ple months into the rela­tion­ship where you just can’t keep your hands off each other. Sex with your new older man is fresh and excit­ing. You’re both still learn­ing about each other and about what you both like in the bed­room. Even if you’re casu­ally dat­ing a sugar daddy, sex will prob­a­bly become part of the arrange­ment at some point, and there’s some­thing pretty hot about being with a hand­some, expe­ri­enced older man.

Sex is a big part of any inti­mate rela­tion­ship, age-gap or not, so it’s impor­tant to know how it affects the dynam­ics of your rela­tion­ship in the long run.

Accord­ing to a recent sur­vey out of the U.K., the longer you’re dat­ing your older man, the less sex you’re likely to have. Two thou­sand cou­ples were sur­veyed, and of the ones who had been together for less than a year, 15% said that they had sex at least once a day. It might sound like a small frac­tion, until you com­pare it against cou­ples who have been together for longer—only five per­cent of cou­ples who were together for more than a year have sex every day.

Not only can the fre­quency of sex with your older man decrease over time, but so can your level of sat­is­fac­tion. As many as 40% of the cou­ples who were in a rela­tion­ship for more than four years admit­ted that their sex life “could be bet­ter,” and one third said that they felt like their sex life could improve sig­nif­i­cantly if they just tried harder.

That being said, not all hope is lost in the bed­room if you’re dat­ing a sugar daddy or if you’re in a long-term rela­tion­ship with an older man. Here are some things to help keep your sex life as excit­ing as ever:

• Send him a sexy text while he’s at work. Tell him how excited you are to see him later, and what you plan on doing with (or to) him when you see him. If you’re feel­ing extra frisky, send him a naughty pic­ture. He won’t be able to keep his hands off you when he gets home.

• Play up his senses. Blind­fold your older man, or tie his hands behind his back dur­ing sex. Reduc­ing one or two of the senses makes the oth­ers that much more sensitive.

• Talk to him about what you want in bed. If he’s doing some­thing you like, tell him to keep doing it. If you need him to move a lit­tle to the left, speak up. He’ll be more sat­is­fied if you are too.

• Keep an open mind about sex. If you notice that sex with your older man is dwin­dling, change it up by adding toys, role play­ing, or doing it some­where new. Start by mak­ing sub­tle changes and then work your way up so that you’re both still comfortable.

• Be spon­ta­neous. Don’t wait for night­fall or for when you’re tucked in bed to spring on your older man. Sur­prise your sugar daddy while he’s in the shower, or catch him while he’s read­ing the morn­ing paper—tell him you were think­ing about him and want him right here, right now.

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