How to Get the Details on a Potential Sugar Daddy’s Past Without Ever Having to Ask Him

A cou­ple of days went by after meet­ing Bran­don. As it turns out, the older man was the man­ager of another office owned by the same cor­po­ra­tion that owned the office where me and my best friend, Melinda, worked. Work­ing for the same com­pany had its perks, which was that Melinda and I saw each other often.

As I thought more about Bran­don, I noticed that hav­ing worked there for a cou­ple of months, it was strange that I hadn’t run into him ear­lier. Curi­ous, I asked Melinda what she knew about Bran­don. When prompted, she asked why I was so interested.

You don’t think he’s attrac­tive?” I asked a lit­tle surprised.

Uh, he’s older, like older than your mom,” Melinda replied back incredulously.

He’s not that much older. He’s like what, 35 or 36?” I said.

Some­where around there, I guess. That’s still a 16-year age dif­fer­ence!” Melinda was clearly not see­ing the same guy I was talk­ing about. Bran­don looked like he took extremely good care of him­self. He was well-groomed with a nice smile with even teeth. And he looked so sexy wear­ing a suit; luck­ily for me, he was a man­ager so he was oblig­ated to wear one every day.

You have to admit he’s pretty hot though,” I said smirk­ing. She looked at me and seemed to strug­gle when she finally admit­ted to that fact.

He knows how to dress. I’ll give him that, but I mean you can’t really go wrong with a suit if you think about it.”  Well, she didn’t nec­es­sar­ily agree with the “hot” part, but it was close enough. The fact of the mat­ter was that I thought Bran­don was hot and regard­less of the fact that maybe he was out of my league, I was still going to have some fun with him. And see­ing as he felt com­fort­able enough to openly flirt with me, why I couldn’t repay him back with a lit­tle flirt­ing of my own?

Well, not just any­one can fill in a suit jacket like him, that’s for sure. Did you see those shoul­ders? And what about his arms, can you imag­ine how big those biceps are?” I knew I sounded like a teenage girl in the locker room, but the truth was I felt like I was finally get­ting over my ex, Jared, and devel­op­ing a crush on some­one else was a major step, espe­cially some­one who was so much more mature. At the time, my inten­tions weren’t exactly clear on what I wanted to do with Brandon—was it going to be a work­place crush, just a flirty exchange every now and then between the sec­re­tary and her man­ager, or a full-blow office romance?

It was a good thing that he wasn’t my direct man­ager, but he did hap­pen to be good friends with mine, mean­ing I saw him a great deal more.

Yeah that’s true. I know he really likes to work out, he’d told me that one time—” Melinda went on as I lis­tened closely to what she knew about Bran­don. Appar­ently, he had a son around five years younger than Melinda and I. He had been divorced for sev­eral years now, and as to why I hadn’t seen him around the office ear­lier, he had actu­ally moved to Alaska for a cou­ple of months. No one knew exactly why he moved back, but there was a lot of spec­u­la­tion that it involved an ex-girlfriend he was with at the time.

Not only was Bran­don good-looking to the point that I was over­look­ing our big age dif­fer­ence, but he had a past that was slowly being put together like a jig­saw puz­zle. It would def­i­nitely come in handy, and I had to thank the usual gos­sip from other cowork­ers for that.