How to Get Your Hot Older Manager to Notice You at the Company Christmas Party: Part 2

This was sup­posed to be the one event where I could show my older man crush just what I had to offer, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I was seri­ously start­ing to feel the buzz from the drinks I had, so I switched to my glass of water, which was just in time. I was about to say some­thing to Melinda when I saw her glance at me with a smile and look down right beside me. Con­fused, I fol­lowed her stare and looked over my right shoul­der. Down on one knee was Bran­don, my older crush. To say my heart flut­tered would be as cliché as it was right. He was there after all, and right next to me with his sexy grin. “I just wanted to say that you are the most beau­ti­ful girl here tonight,” he said.

I had no idea what to say. I had waited all night for that moment and I could not think of any­thing to say but a squeaky, “Thank you.” As much as I liked to think that I was used to male atten­tion, I really wasn’t. It’s one thing to be called “smok­ing hot” by a typ­i­cal frat boy, but to be called “beau­ti­ful” by a man who looked like he wanted to devour you in front of every­one was a whole other story. What­ever lit­tle buzz I felt was com­pletely gone. I knew at that moment that my feel­ings for him were deep. But how did he feel about me? That was the ques­tion that always plagued me.

Oh, are you drink­ing?” Bran­don asked hes­i­tantly. Know­ing that he was a reformed alco­holic, I knew bet­ter than to admit that I was.

Oh, no! I’m just drink­ing water; I’m not really a drinker.” I didn’t bla­tantly lie, it was the truth. The only rea­son I had got­ten any drink was to calm my nerves and give me some liq­uid courage for that exact moment, which didn’t seem to have worked.

Bran­don said hello to every­one else at the table. He smiled back at me and walked over to meet the other man­agers and impor­tant guests. And just like that, my moment was gone.

What did he say? I couldn’t hear any­thing over the music and with him crouched down like that.” Melinda per­sisted as I tried to rub the big grin off my face. I was in heaven and if my face could be described, it would be the pic­ture of those old car­toons with hearts in the character’s eyes.

He said that I was beau­ti­ful and to meet him in room #309,” I replied sarcastically.

Melinda smacked me know­ing that he didn’t say the lat­ter part. “What did he really say? Oh my god, I think he really likes you! It’s so obvious!”

You think so?” I smiled look­ing in the direc­tion that Bran­don left in.

Um, yeah! Wow, Lena. Are you ready for what that means?” Melinda looked at me with a seri­ous face.

I don’t know,” I replied hes­i­tantly. “But I guess I’m going to find out.”

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About Lena

I’d always dreamed of the perfect fairytale prince in storybooks—ready with money and status to come save me from my chaotic, average life and treat me like his princess. Add a 26-year age difference and I found the closest thing to it. Not everything comes as easy as we expect it to, but that’s what makes it all the more fun. At 18 years old, I experienced that “Mr. Right Now” love with a guy my age named Jared. Two years later, I met Brandon, my older man. Jared was the typical playboy who romanced my naïve younger self and made me fall hard for him. That relationship caused me to view love in an entirely different way than I previously had, and I’m actually glad it did. By the time I met Brandon, I had become wiser and more prepared for the reality of relationships. Even though at 20 years old I didn’t show the tell-tale signs of a smart, mature woman, that was exactly what I had become. I started as a part-time secretary for a highly respectable office, while juggling a full-time load of college courses at the local university. It was my first official job where I had to wear heels, pencil skirts, and an occasional suit. I was no longer the high-school girl that found “true love” after graduation and had her heart broken immediately after. The new woman I was now was confident and smart, and when I saw Brandon walk through the lobby door, I knew he’d be a challenge, one I was ready to accept. Now at 22, and Brandon at 48, we’ve managed to keep a two -year relationship feeling like the very first day we met—all the excitement and butterflies are still very much present.