How to Handle Being a Sugar Baby Who’s in High Demand

A few days after the first batch of the Greek God’s “schol­ar­ship fund” money hit my bank account, the phone rang. I had to com­mit to another trip with the Greek God. I wasn’t sure what to expect. How could I take the Stet­son man’s phone calls? How would I be able to jug­gle two wealthy, nar­cis­sis­tic men on a trip away from the Stet­son man? What would I even say to be able to leave town with­out rais­ing any sus­pi­cions with the Stet­son man?

The only thing in my favor was the fact that the Stet­son Man was much less pos­ses­sive with me since he returned from his Euro­pean trip. Nat­u­rally, I phoned Tori and together we cre­ated a plan. We decided that I would say I needed to go to assist her with some­thing; we just had to fig­ure out what that “some­thing” was. We came up with sev­eral ideas and decided that I would go with whichever one came out at that moment.

After the Stet­son man and I had started dat­ing, he used to get very jeal­ous of Tori. He even once kept her on the phone for hours inter­ro­gat­ing her about me. Shortly after my son’s funeral, they stopped speak­ing. She was irri­tated with his dom­i­nat­ing and con­trol­ling demeanor, and he was resent­ful of the time I spent with her. This strat­egy should work; I highly doubted he would even phone her if he couldn’t reach me. If he did call her, I knew she just would ignore the call.

In the years prior, it was not unusual for the Stet­son man to call me and when I did not answer the phone, he would then call Tori to deter­mine what she knew about my where­abouts. I always found this to be strange, for a man in a far­away state to call a best friend on one coast con­cern­ing the where­abouts of his girl­friend on the oppo­site coast. I had never heard of a man doing this. It wasn’t as if she lived near me; we were thou­sands of miles away from one another, so far, in fact, that there were not even any direct flights.

When you are hav­ing an affair, you learn to lie and lie well, and this was some­thing I didn’t like. I was becom­ing a very good liar. How­ever, for this lie to be believ­able, I had to give myself a pep talk. I really didn’t want to go to the Greek God. I didn’t see him falling in love with me. I would have to really be guarded with my own feel­ings. Sex had always had some love asso­ci­ated with it. This time it could not, sex had to be just sex.

The Stet­son man had been home for a few weeks now, but he still did not seem as into me as he once had been. He would dis­ap­pear for hours. He did not always answer the phone as he once had. Sev­eral times, the gate code to his house was changed with­out my knowl­edge. I knew he was indeed step­ping out on me. I just didn’t know if this would be long-term or if he would grow tired of his “affair-affair” and return to me—by an affair-affair I mean when you are mar­ried and have an affair, and then start another. I just hadn’t yet real­ized that I was the one being narcissistic.