How to Know If Your Sugar Daddy is Getting Ready to Dump You: Part 1

After get­ting home from my last travel date with the Greek God, I spent a few nights at the man­sion wait­ing for the Stet­son man to arrive back from his Rhine River excur­sion. Need­less to say, I didn’t sleep well those nights. It seemed like years since I had laid eyes on my older love—so much had hap­pened since he left for his trip. Now I just wanted him home. I yearned for him to feel the way he did about me in the begin­ning of our rela­tion­ship. I some­how needed a do-over but­ton. I had already decided that once he arrived home, I would make him so happy. I didn’t want to be employed by the Greek God if it meant that I would have to give up the Stet­son man—I didn’t want his money if that meant sav­ing my relationship.

I was mak­ing break­fast when my phone rang. I didn’t let the phone out of my sight dur­ing that time because I was afraid that I might miss an oppor­tu­nity to com­mu­ni­cate with the Stet­son man. Finally, the num­ber on the caller I.D. was his! My heart raced and I tried my best to sound casual. We talked briefly, he informed me he was at our local pri­vate air­port and needed to stop by his office before he could see me. He would meet me at my house. I found this to be a bit odd. I was mak­ing break­fast in his home, so I’d have to wrap up and head to my house. But I didn’t argue. I grabbed my things and headed home.

I made sure every­thing was per­fect. Although it was broad day­light, I lit can­dles, played some roman­tic music, and had a few of his favorite sweets laid out in the kitchen. I sat back and waited for him to arrive. At this point, the Greek God was phon­ing nearly every day, at least once a day, some­times even more. I was ready to be done with him. Once the Stet­son Man walked through my door, I would fix what­ever was bro­ken between us. I could then pass on the Greek God and his com­pen­sa­tion plan. I had grown to call it the “schol­ar­ship fund” when I spoke of it to my girlfriend.

While I was wait­ing for the Stet­son man, the Greek God did indeed call. I tried my best to be friendly and flirty, only this time I wasn’t really feel­ing it. As I look back on that now, I am sure he noticed some­thing was off with me. We spoke for a few min­utes before some­thing hap­pened on his end and he had to hang up. I was relieved.

After what felt like eter­nity, the Stet­son man pulled into my garage, as nor­mal. He opened the back door and I ran into his arms. Almost imme­di­ately, I knew some­thing was different…