How to Know If Your Sugar Daddy is Getting Ready to Dump You: Part 2

I hadn’t seen the Stet­son man in ages and I missed him so much. But when I hugged him, he pat­ted my back as if I were a stranger. I tried not to let it get to me. I fig­ured he was tired. I offered him some sweets, we made small talk, and, look­ing back now, it was clear that I was try­ing way too hard to make every­thing per­fect. As I think back to that after­noon, the Stet­son man must have really enjoyed watch­ing me squirm. I was feel­ing guilty for every­thing that had gone on behind his back with the Greek God, so guilty, in fact, that if the Stet­son man did end up tak­ing his bar­ber mis­tress with him to Europe, he didn’t need to feel bad about it—I had enough guilt built up for both of us.

The Stet­son man didn’t ask me his usual ques­tions. What had I done with my time? Who had I seen? The usual jeal­ousy ques­tions were not a part of our con­ver­sa­tion. Again, this played to his guilt, but I was over­whelmed with my own conscience.

The most inter­est­ing part of the after­noon was that when he went to leave, he just got up and left; there was no sex, not even a desire to have sex on his part. Noth­ing, not even a long kiss. It was as if we were just friends, or even worse, it was like we were mar­ried and he was now cheat­ing on his “wife.” After all, they say it’s always more fun to have sex with your lover than with your wife. Isn’t that the point of a sugar daddy? The Stet­son man and I had never gone that long before with­out hav­ing sex. That’s how I knew this rela­tion­ship was in trou­ble, deep trouble.