How to Make It Harder For Your Husband to Cheat on You with a Younger Woman

As we pulled into the sta­dium, I could see many limos lined up to deliver their pas­sen­gers. I was alone in the back of the last limo in line, watch­ing each one stop and empty their pre­cious cargo. I could rec­og­nize some of the girls from the party I had attended with my secret sugar daddy, the Greek God, who owned one of the teams playing.

I became mes­mer­ized as I sat behind the tinted glass watch­ing, what seemed to be, an exclu­sive girls club arriv­ing in their stretch lim­ou­sines. The women were escorted to a door that was not for pub­lic use. The Greek God had pre­vi­ously instructed me to go to one of his pri­vate suites and he would be there after all the press was completed.

I knew the Greek God’s wife would be in atten­dance that day, too. She would be in the fam­ily suite with her chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. This uncom­fort­able sit­u­a­tion was about to rear its ugly head.

Enter­ing my suite, I scanned the room—my every need was met. The Greek God knew exactly what I would enjoy while watch­ing the game. Every now and then, I would see his wife on the closed cir­cuit feed. He had both his women at the same loca­tion for a sec­ond time—he invited me to secretly join him in Hawaii, where he was vaca­tion­ing with his wife. She had no idea I would be with her hus­band after the game, just like she had no idea I was with him in Hawaii, too. The Greek God chose me. He wanted me to be his girl, even more so than his wife. I had con­vinced myself of this.

At the same time, I was torn between the Greek God and my rich older man at home, the Stet­son man. Don’t get me wrong, the Greek God catered to my every need, but when your heart is being shared by some­one else, it’s hard to appre­ci­ate them fully. That’s what hap­pens when you’re try­ing to man­age two rela­tion­ships, some­thing the Greek God knew all too well.

The door opened and in walked the Greek God with a seri­ous expres­sion on his face.  “How are you, princess? I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to come see you. My wife is demand­ing more of my atten­tion than usual,” he said. I tried not to let my feel­ings show on my face. If I was going to play this game, I needed him to know I was all in.

Oh, don’t ever worry about me, please. I’m great! I’ve really enjoyed watch­ing the game. I knew you would come when you could.” Exactly the words he needed to hear.  You could see his expres­sion soften. I learned from being with the Stet­son man that older men need a soft place to fall.  They need some­one to keep their secrets and to pam­per. And if his wife couldn’t be that per­son, I would be.

After the game, I watched some of the girls gather in the hall after most of the sta­dium emp­tied. It was clear they would be joined by their play­ers later. I won­dered what would be next for me. How was the Greek God going to jug­gle all the balls in the air at the same time?

A man came into the sky­box and instructed me to go to the end of the hall and take that ele­va­tor; an escort would be wait­ing to take me to the limo. As I passed by some of the girls I rec­og­nized, a few slight nods were exchanged, but not a word was spo­ken. I could feel them look­ing at me with a jeal­ous glare. I was get­ting the spe­cial treat­ment they all wanted. His wife prob­a­bly wasn’t even being treated as well.

As the ele­va­tor door opened, I felt as though some­one was star­ing at me. I turned around just in time to see the Greek God’s wife glar­ing at me with anger in her eyes. I never changed expres­sions. I sim­ply wouldn’t give her the sat­is­fac­tion of a reac­tion. The doors closed, and that was it.

As I entered the limo, I saw the Greek God sit­ting inside. The tinted win­dows gave us our own pri­vate world. “I’ve missed you, princess! I couldn’t get away fast enough. Now, this is our time. But I have a meet­ing I have to attend in a cou­ple of hours and then back to the wife. So, I’ll only be able to see you here tonight.”  As I lis­tened to him, it became clear our time together tonight was going to be short.

In that moment, I real­ized that when you’re dat­ing a sugar daddy who’s mar­ried, his wife will always come first, no mat­ter how spe­cial he might make you feel. In a way, I was sort of glad our date that day was cut short, because see­ing his wife’s fury made me rethink our whole arrangement.