How to Make Someone Else Pay For Your Luxurious Vacation: Part 2

Well, good morn­ing,” I said in my sex­i­est morn­ing voice. He explained that I would be with him in a few hours and that he was very excited. The Greek God also explained that he would be wait­ing in the limo at the air­port to take me to the hotel when I arrived. I thought this to be a bit unusual. But at that moment, it was all so sur­real and I just went with it.

I had packed the night before and was as pre­pared as I could pos­si­bly be. My mind was rac­ing. After our last date, he was still a com­plete gen­tle­man, so I had not slept with him. How­ever, I was not clue­less. This was going to be an overnight date. I had not had sex with any­one except the Stet­son man since my divorce, although I am sure the Stet­son man thought oth­er­wise. I was excited, scared, and ner­vous, all at the same time.

After land­ing in Par­adise Island and meet­ing the Greek God at the air­port, we drove to our hotel. The limo pulled into a garage. It was clear this entrance wasn’t used by the pub­lic. Once again, I was treated to the most beau­ti­ful suite. I was really start­ing to get accus­tomed to this life. The Greek God had not let me down. The dou­ble doors opened into the most lux­u­ri­ous look­ing room, def­i­nitely one of the nicer ones I had ever stayed in. My eye trav­eled across the liv­ing area of the suite to a mas­sive bank of win­dows. There was a full view of Par­adise Island. He must have spent a lot of money on this suite.

I walked to the win­dows and stood there in amaze­ment. This all took my breath away. It all felt like a dream and I was liv­ing it full on. This was the same feel­ing I had a few years back when I started dat­ing the Stet­son man. It was an over­whelm­ing feel­ing of excite­ment and antic­i­pa­tion. I felt like a school­girl again. It couldn’t get much bet­ter than this.